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Modular Security Building from Par-Kut International


Modular Security Building from Par-Kut International

A large government agency wanted to standardize their security screening building for all their locations nationwide. The answer to their need for a convenient solution was a custom designed prefabricated Par-Kut building. Providing factory built booths, guardhouses and security buildings since 1954, Par-Kut International has the experience necessary to design, manufacture and ship such a challenging building. This unique design features two modules which allow for the same overall size and floor plan that the customer had been stick building on sites. The welded steel Par-Kut building is moveable, which is a big plus since many of their properties are leased and the structure can be relocated easily.

The modular approach from Par-Kut provided the customer significant cost and time savings. Single source design from the Par-Kut factory shaved weeks off of the project development. Manufacturing the building in the Par-Kut factory allows for off site construction in a controlled environment with no issues due to weather and avoids related delays. Furthermore, the offsite construction afforded by Par-Kut save the owner a great deal of site coordination associated with on site building. Lastly, the modular approach saves more time at each location since there are no major traffic lane closures due to construction. The modular building is brought in by truck, offloaded by crane and either installed onto concrete slab, or stored nearby.

The prefabricated security building shown here features rooms for the security officer to conduct operations, a restroom, visitor check in area and multiple utility closets, including one specifically designed for IT. Bullet resistant construction was included along with standard climate control items such as insulation and HVAC. This 18’ x 23’ welded steel security building has many special features, including a transaction drawer for identity verification, exterior brick prep, two tone paint, high roof fascia with extended overhang with lighting, tinted glass, stainless steel countertops, factory installed wiring and lift rings in the roof. The mate line was engineered to allow for simple field connection and sealing.

This customer has realized significant savings using Par-Kut modular security buildings and achieves a beautiful and functional security check in building. Contact Par-Kut International for further information.

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