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About WallDefender™


WallDefender™ | Helps Keep Cavity Walls Dry and Flashings Functioning Properly

Mortar dropping device that helps prevent mortar droppings from blocking the weeps.

In masonry cavity walls, mortar collection above the flashing and weep hole levels is vital for proper masonry wall performance and to prevent water damage.  WallDefender suspends mortar droppings above the flashing and weeps so they stay clear and unobstructed.  Its 90% open mesh allows moisture to flow to the weeps and air to move within the cavity to promote drying.  By using WallDefender for mortar suspension and collection, cavity walls perform the way they're designed and walls stay dry and trouble-free.


  • Dual levels
  • Trapezoidal shape
  • 90% open weave mesh
  • Up to 54% recycled content


  • An alternative to MortarNet® without an Insect Barrier
  • Breaks up and suspends mortar droppings above the flashing on two levels so weeps stay open
  • Open weave mesh construction provides hundreds of pathways for moisture to exit the cavity
  • Is very permeable to air, water and water vapor due to the low fiber density of the non-woven structure
  • Helps prevent efflorescence and damage from freeze-thaw cycles
  • Easy to transport, handle and cut, even on scaffolding
  • Installs easily on brick ties in multi-story cavity walls
  • Will not degrade, oxidize, or react with common building materials
  • Clean and non-toxic
  • Recycled content helps with LEED certification
  • Helps eliminate callbacks to repair moisture damage
  • Provides masons and building owners with a greater peace of mind

Weep holes must be used with WallDefender to allow effective moisture drainage and wall drying. Click on WeepVent or CellVent to see how they can help keep weep holes open and prevent insects from entering the cavity through the weeps.

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