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New Acousti-Mat Naming Conventions Released


In an effort to reduce consumer confusion, the Acousti-Mat line naming conventions are being altered to feature straightforward product descriptions.

To better understand audience perception of the Acousti-Mat product line, Maxxon partnered with Hanley Wood to perform an in-depth brand analysis. Research revealed that while the Acousti-Mat brand enjoyed the highest level of brand awareness and loyalty in the industry, the product names themselves often added to confusion associated with selecting a sound control mat. Nowhere was this more so than with Enkasonic, Maxxon’s 3/8” entangled mesh sound control solution. While the name was found to be well known among certain audiences, it was not recognized at all by most of the multifamily building community.

New Acousti-Mat Naming Conventions Released

To simplify product selection and leverage awareness of the Acousti-Mat brand name, Maxxon has established new naming conventions for the product line. Effective August 1st, the following naming conventions will take effect:

  • All Maxxon entangled mesh mats will be known as Acousti-Mat®
  • Each mat will be distinguished by thickness expressed as a fraction
  • The High Performance (HP) upgrade will be retitled as “Premium”. It will continue to be available as an option on the ¼”, 3/8” and ¾” sound mats.
Please review the chart below for former and new product names.

Maxxon recognizes that clear naming conventions alone will not eliminate confusion related to choosing a product. We are working hard on the development of ground breaking tools which will give developers and architects confidence in selecting the right sound control system to meet their performance requirements.

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