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New From Victor Stanley, Inc. : Corridor Series™

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Model PL-5A: As light rail projects sprout in cities across the US, designers are tasked with keeping thousands of passengers clear of potentially hazardous electrical elements. To help separate pedestrians and power sources, Victor Stanley has developed the PL-5A bollard. Built around a 100% recycled plastic and reclaimed wood fiber core, inside a 70% recycled aluminum sheath, the PL-5A provides designers and operators with a simple, non-conductive visual barrier; the simplest and safest part of light rail. Chains and universal links are not included. Specify in-ground or surface mount.


  • 4 screw eyes (2 on each side).
  • 2 screw eyes (1 on each side).
  • 2 screw eyes (2 on one side).
  • 1 screw eye (1 on one side).
  • No screw eyes.
  • One long handle.
  • One short handle.

About Victor Stanley Inc.

Victor Stanley, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high quality site furnishings (including litter receptacles, benches, tables, ash urns, planters, bike racks, bollards and more) made from recycled steel, recycled plastic and wood. Thousands of our product installations can be found throughout the USA and Canada and we also export to more than twenty other countries. We look forward to applying our 50 years of manufacturing excellence to your site furnishing requirements.

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