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New Product From Mortar Net: Blok-Flash


BlockFlash® is a complete, embeddable moisture management flashing solution for exterior single wythe C.M.U. wall systems that collects moisture in the wall and channels it to the exterior.


  • Complete flashing solution requiring no additional components.
  • Includes flashing pans with integral concaved weep spout and connector bridge, 90% open-weave mesh insect guards and drainage mats.
  • Available for 8", 10", and 12" block, and architectural half-high C.M.U.
  • Applicable in all flashing/weep hole locations including:
  • Base of wall
  • Above door and window openings
  • Above bond beams
  • In parapet walls
  • Installs quickly and easily with minimal training.
  • Requires no fasteners or adhesives.
  • Pans with integrated weep spouts and connector bridges made from high-density polypropylene molded plastic.
  • Insect guards and drainage mats made from polyester mesh.
  • Impervious to water.
  • UV stabilized.


  • Cuts labor and material costs associated with using membrane flashing in a multi-wythe course by approximately 50%.
  • Helps prevent costly call-backs and repairs due to damage caused by moisture in the block cores.
  • Helps protect builders and designers from legal issues resulting from moisture damage.
  • Prevents mortar damming and provides multiple pathways for water to flow to the flashing pan and out the weeps, so water can always exit the wall.
  • Prevents air and humidity differentials that can force moisture into the cells and allows cells to dry quickly.
  • Mortar droppings can’t reach the flashing pans, so water flows freely to the weeps and weeps stay open.
  • Sloped pans with integrated edge flanges catch and funnel water to the weep spouts, and assure quick drainage.
  • Insect guards prevent damage related to insects entering the wall through the weeps.
  • Maintains 1” mortar bond between courses for greater wall integrity.
  • Provides a 10-times stronger bond between blocks than through-wall membrane flashing for greater wall integrity.
  • Reduces thermal break to help maintain the wall’s R-value integrity.
  • Snap-off connector bridge allows fast and easy pan installation in reinforced wall systems and at corners.
  • Integrated bottom lip on weep spout makes it fast and easy to accurately align flashing pans.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple sized architectural C.M.U., simplifying installation and reducing set up charges related to producing special sizes.
  • Drip spouts include a 45 degree drip edge to deflect moisture away from the wall and help prevent water marks and efflorescence.
  • 40% pre-consumer recycled content of pans and drainage mat helps with LEED certification.
  • Concaved weep spouts make tooling easy.
  • Eliminates unsightly head joint weeping devices and preserves the beauty of the wall.
  • Light weight and compact shape means convenient shipping, handling and storage.
  • Will not degrade, rot or oxidize, and will last the life of the building.
  • Click here for complete installation instructions.

About Mortar Net® USA, Ltd.

A masonry building should let you enjoy Mother Nature while keeping her hazardous elements outside. In exterior masonry walls, the most common natural hazard is trapped moisture. Windblown rain or snow infiltrates through tiny fissures, or condensation forms where cool interior walls meet warm, humid outdoor air. If that moisture isn't expelled--constantly and dependably--it can lead to hazardous mold-growth, efflorescence, or wall-failure.

Mortar Net USA has won a series of U.S. patents for its line of remarkably effective--and surprisingly cost-effective--systems for preventing moisture buildup in exterior masonry walls. Marketed through some 300 distributors nationwide, these unique systems (for both brick & block) let moisture drain quickly to the outdoors, unimpeded by mortar-droppings or debris. Yet they're engineered for swift, labor-saving installation--even in restoration or remediation jobs.

For example, TotalFlash--the company's latest technological breakthrough, designed for cavity walls--contains multiple drainage components, ingeniously factory-assembled onto handy, 5-foot panels of flexible flashing. It delivers both redundant protections and exceptional coverage, yet lets builders gain savings of at least 50% in Time-&-Labor costs over conventional installations. (See the "TotalFlash Challenge" video on the company's website.) All the company's products reflect its sharp focus on superior performance and measurable value. As a result, the country's top builders have found there's no "or equal" for TotalFlash, Mortar Net, HouseNet, BlockNet or BlockFlash. For more information on Mortar Net USA's complete line of environmentally friendly products, visit, or call 1-800-664-6638.

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