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New Project From Penetron: Repairing The Garage At Monongahela Valley Hospital (PA), USA


Like many other parking garages, the “Mon Valley” garage was plagued by damage from water infiltration and corrosion. The traffic and waterproofing membrane had failed prematurely, allowing salt laden water to penetrate the concrete and accelerate corrosion of the post tensioning cables, embedded conduits, and rebar. Because attempts to repair the original waterproofing membrane failed, it was decided to reinforce the uppermost concrete level with underlying steel beams and repair the concrete on the underside of the decks.

First, a high pressure water blast opened the capillaries. The existing cracks and repair joints were routed and packed with Penecrete Mortar and the areas was treated with two coats of Penetron slurry. The Penetron material was able to waterproof concrete even from the negative side of the structure. After application, it initiates a reaction between free lime and moisture in the concrete to create crystals that stop water from penetrating the pores and capillaries of the concrete matrix. Job done!

About Penetron International

Penetron International is a leading manufacturer of integral crystalline capillary systems for waterproofing, repairing and protecting concrete. Penetron has been serving the design and construction industry for almost 30 years with sound technical support and performance products engineered to meet the highest manufacturing and environmental standards.

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