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New Tech Library for Earth Shield Waterstop


Learn all about Earth Shield Waterstop in our Tech Library: product installation, waterstop CAD, safety data sheets, a waterstop chemchart, a waterstop ebook, etc.

New  Tech Library for Earth Shield Waterstop

  1. TPV / TPER Waterstop Submittal Package with Master Specification — 3-part Spec
  2. Stainless Steel Waterstop Submittal Package with Master Specification— 3-part Spec
  3. CAD Details — 2-D Profile Drawings — DWG & PDF
  4. Contact us for CAD Details — 3-D Isometric Details — DWG & PDF
  5. Tech Tips 001 — Waterstop versus Sealant
  6. Tech Tips 002 — Earth Shield Retrofit Waterstop Systems
  7. Tech Tips 003 — Installation guidelines for all Earth Shield Ribbed Waterstop Profiles
  8. Tech Tips 004 — Installation guidelines for all Earth Shield Expansion Board Cap Waterstop Profiles
  9. Tech Tips 005 — Typical Physical Properties (and what they mean to the Specifier)
  10. Tech Tips 006 — The Anatomy of Hydrophobic Waterstop
  11. Tech Tips 007 — Brazing Copper Waterstop
  12. Tech Tips 008 — An Introduction to Shop Made Fittings
  13. SDS for Earth Shield Products — SDS Safety Data Sheets
  14. Waterstop Chemical Resistance Chart — Corrosion and solubility information for various Earth Shield Waterstop products
  15. Community Waterstop Forum on Facebook — Facebook
  16. Waterstops for Railroad and Fuel Terminals
  17. Waterstop Installation Guides & Movies — Installation Guidelines
  18. EPA SPCC Berm Height Calculations
  19. EPA SPCC Blue Book — 40 CFR 112 — Guide for Facility Owners
  20. Waterstop King Blog — Blog
  21. LEED Credits for JP Specialties (Earth Shield®) Products — LEED
  22. Water of the World — A speech by David Poole delivered to the Temecula Public Library in the summer of 2010 regarding the importance of protecting water
  23. The Little Book of Waterstop — Our interactive iBook for your iPad that is the only book of its kind… It is “the” book on waterstop and will be a favorite resource for you. Download your free copy HERE. PDF Version HERE
  24. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Compliance Letter — Made in the U.S.A.