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Par-Kut International - Over 50 Years of Portable Steel Enclosures


Par-Kut International - manufacturers of quality, portable steel special purpose enclosures for over 50 years. Since 1954, family owned Par-Kut International has been committed to providing the safest, most attractive and durable booths available. In the early fifties, the Detroit based company was named “Par-Kut” since parking huts were the only product manufactured. From the early days until well into the 1970s, the firms full name was Par-Kut Engineering and Fabricating. Although still descriptive of the activities today, the lengthy name was changed to Par-Kut International due to market expansion in other countries as well as throughout the United States.

Par-Kut booths have served at governmental, military, educational and medical institutions, as well as the private sectors industrial and commercial concerns, airports and other ports of entry. From parking attendant buildings to bullet resistant, high security enclosures to public transportation waiting shelters - we've built them all . . . and we've built them well.

Throughout the years, Par-Kut has stayed abreast of changes in the metal fabricating industry. The Par-Kut product line has expanded, as has our market. Quality, long-lasting materials, uncompromising workmanship and innovative design solutions have earned Par-Kut the reputation of “front-runner” in the portable steel building arena. Despite the progress and growth evident in the past fifty years, Par-Kuts philosophy of providing an uncompromising product remains steadfast. As in 1954, each Par-Kut portable building is still built one at a time, with strict attention to detail.

A sampling of enclosure types offered by Par-Kut:

Par-Kut Standard Booths (Different Styles Available!):
The versatile PAR-KUT portable steel building fits a wide range of applications and virtually every budget. Found in commercial, industrial and government settings alike, the Standard is available in sizes from 3' x 5' to 10' x 20' and up. The straight forward design is conducive to adding restrooms, stand or trailer mounts, ADA compliant features and bullet resistant construction. Every PAR-KUT Standard is of all-welded steel construction and utilizes heavy gauge materials throughout to ensure it's longevity regardless of the environment.

Looking for a bullet proof building or bullet resistant booth? While there is really no such thing as "bullet proof", a bullet resistant building protects the occupants within (security officers, parking lot attendants, ticket sellers, etc.). Depending on usage and perceived threat level, Par-Kut bullet resistant enclosures offer protection against weapons ranging from 9mm handguns to automatic assault weapons utilizing armor piercing bullets. Par-Kut bullet resistant enclosures meet levels UL8, NIJ4 and higher and can be engineered to meet blast load requirements.

Bullet resistant enclosures may be installed on overbuilt trailers or on top of open or hard plate enclosed towers up to 40' high. A standing seam hip roof can be installed to to a bullet resistant guard booth shed lob explosives. The bullet resistant enclosure option list is extensive and includes electrical battery backup systems, reflective glass, gun ports, safety rails and roof or floor access hatches.

A bullet resistant guard booth can also include camouflage paint, anti fatigue floor mats, dimmable or red interior lighting and even a generator. Bullet resistant guard booths can have a very basic appearance or can incorporate design enhancements to suit special location requirements. In addition to the high security line of bullet resistant enclosures, Par-Kut can upgrade its line of Architectural designs to bullet resistant construction.

Pre-assembled Steel Shelters:
For transit, smoker or waiting shelter applications, Par-Kut portable, pre-assembled steel shelters are delivered user ready to the slab prepared site. Single unit shelters are of standard Par-Kut construction - welded galvanized steel with top hung sliding doors, galvanized steel roof, clear tempered safety glass, tread plate floors and UL certified electric.

Vandal resistant heat and lights are standard. Air conditioning, ventilation systems, ash trays and special graphics are optional. Benches are available in wood, metal or plastic. Gable, hip, vaulted, or mansard roofs may be specified as well as custom exterior wall treatments to compliment existing architecture. Although any size shelter is available, 5' x 14' is standard. With or without doors all Par-Kut steel shelters are ADA compliant.

Custom Booths:
Par-Kut International has fulfilled more unique design and fabrication requests than any other portable steel building manufacturer. In recent years, extensive strides have been made in advancing metal fabrication technology. Staying abreast of industry changes has allowed Par-Kut to become more versatile in production techniques. Regardless of the purpose or structural configuration, Par-Kut design engineers are qualified to porvide a solution to transform your Concepts/Requirements to viable plans for production. Par-Kut changes concepts to reality. Our motto is " If it can be moved by truck, we can build it", give us a challenge!

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