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Patriot™ Non-Contact Edges From Miller Edge


The Patriot product line includes a series of edge sensors that incorporate photo optic technology to send a reverse signal before the door actually touches the obstruction.

The photo eyes easily attach to your choice of Z-flap (MIR-Z1) or telescopic (MIR-T1) mounting brackets that travel ahead of the door during the close cycle. When the beam senses an obstruction, the microprocessor-based controller initiates a stop/reversal signal.

About Us

MillerEdge, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of the most positive emergency stopping devices available for motor-driven doors and gates. We also manufacture a full line of safe guarding products for perimeter, area and machine guarding.

It is the policy of MillerEdge, Inc. to supply quality products that conform exactly to all established requirements and the reasonable expectations of its customers. Our customers are our focal point and customer satisfaction is our driving force. We are further committed to a company-wide program for continuous quality improvement.

This philosophy gives us the basis to provide excellent service and convenience for our customers.

Specifying Miller Edge sensors assures compliance with UL325 safety standards for motorized doors and gates.

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