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About Miller Edge, Inc.

Miller Edge, Inc.

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Flossie Mohler

Making your world a safer place

Miller Edge, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of the most positive emergency stopping devices available for motor-driven doors and gates. We also manufacture a full line of safe guarding products for perimeter, area and machine guarding.

It is the policy of Miller Edge, Inc. to supply quality products that conform exactly to all established requirements and the reasonable expectations of its customers. Our customers are our focal point and customer satisfaction is our driving force. We are further committed to a company-wide program for continuous quality improvement.

This philosophy gives us the basis to provide excellent service and convenience for our customers.

Specifying Miller Edge sensors assures compliance with UL325 safety standards for motorized doors and gates.

Miller Edge Safeguarding Solutions for Motorized Doors and Gates

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Company Information from Miller Edge, Inc.

Company Information from Miller Edge, Inc.
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Safeguarding Solutions for Airports
MMiller Edge products can be found almost anywhere in airports. We offer solutions for:
  • Aircraft Hangar Doors
  • Fire Station Doors
  • Security Grilles
  • Access Control Gates
  • Baggage Handling Conveyors
  • Custom Air-Way Mats
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Entrapment Protection for Motorized Doors
Free Online Continuing Education Course; 1 hour program. Recognizes the need for entrapment protection devices on motorized commercial and industrial doors, and discusses specifying the appropriate sensing edge actuation method and monitoring function to meet design, safety, and industry code requirements for specific building projects.
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How sensing edges work
Sensing edges for automated gates and sensing edges for motorized doors: principles, electrical configuration, wiring diagram.
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Products from Miller Edge, Inc.

Products from Miller Edge, Inc.
RFI Preview Product Description Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Door Safety Custom designed wired and wireless pressure activated sensing devices and non-contract infrared sensors for virtually any style of commercial/industrial door. Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Gate Safety UL recogniezed contact SensingEdge designed to easily mount to any style of automated gate. Specially designed radio control products simplify installation and add to the appearance of gate systems. Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications CAD details URL
Custom Extrusions Custom Edges/Bumpers, Signaling Strips, Mats/Cushions

Custom manufacturing is a part of our daily business. We’re here to help whether you need a highly specialized design or a minor modification to an existing product, you can count...
Brochures     URL
Industrial Safeguarding Products Custom designed sensing mats and signaling strips, utilizing a patented flexible contact element, provide enhanced machine safeguarding for every application. Brochures 3-Part CSI specifications   URL
Monitored Edge Link The Miller Edge Model gate and door edge transmitter is designed to eliminate the need to hard wire sensing edges to motor controls. It is easily mounted and wired to the gate or door edge sensor. When the Sensing Edge comes into contact with an... Brochures     URL

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(00104) House Design
(02820) Fences and Gate
(03210) Reinforcing Steel
(08 - 16 Div.) Doors & Windows
(08200) Wood and Plastic Door
(08330) Coiling Doors and Grille
(08340) Special Function Door
(08350) Folding Doors and Grille
(08360) Overhead Door
(08370) Vertical Lift Door
(08735) Automatic Door Sensors
(08740) Electro-Mechanical Hardware
(08780) Special Function Hardware
(08990) Glazed Curtain Wall Restoration
(10260) Wall and Corner Guard
(10450) Pedestrian Control Device
(11150) Parking Control Equipment
(11280) Hydraulic Gates and Valve
(11285) Hydraulic Gate
(12700) Systems Furniture
(13700) Security Access and Surveillance
(08 01 33) Operation and Maintenance of Coiling Doors and Grilles
(08 01 44) Operation and Maintenance of Curtain Walls
(08 10 00) Doors and Frames
(08 31 13.53) Security Access Doors and Frames
(08 33 00) Coiling Doors and Grilles
(08 33 13) Coiling Counter Doors
(08 33 16) Coiling Counter Grilles
(08 33 23) Overhead Coiling Doors
(08 33 26) Overhead Coiling Grilles
(08 33 33) Side Coiling Doors
  (08 33 36) Side Coiling Grilles
(08 34 00) Special Function Doors
(08 34 13) Cold Storage Doors
(08 34 16) Hangar Doors
(08 34 19) Industrial Doors
(08 35 00) Folding Doors and Grilles
(08 35 13) Folding Doors
(08 35 16) Folding Grilles
(08 36 00) Panel Doors
(08 36 13) Sectional Doors
(08 36 16) Single-Panel Doors
(08 36 19) Multi-Leaf Vertical Lift Doors
(08 36 23) Telescoping Vertical Lift Doors
(08 71 13) Automatic Door Operators
(08 78 00) Special Function Hardware
(10 26 00) Wall and Door Protection
(10 71 13.23) Coiling Exterior Shutters
(11 12 33) Parking Gates
(11 14 13) Pedestrian Gates
(12 59 00) Systems Furniture
(28 13 00) Access Control
(32 31 00) Fences and Gates
(32 31 16) Welded Wire Fences and Gates
(32 31 19) Decorative Metal Fences and Gates
(32 31 26) Wire Fences and Gates
(35 20 16) Hydraulic Gates
(35 20 16.13) Hydraulic Spillway Crest Gates
(35 20 16.19) Hydraulic Head Gates
(35 20 16.26) Hydraulic Sluice Gates
(35 20 16.53) Hydraulic Vertical Lift Gates

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