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Penetron Specialty Products Expands Into Canada


Penetron Specialty Products Canada (PSP Canada) produces and sells high quality products for a wide range of flooring preparation and installation tasks to contractors and ooring specialists across Canada. As part of the global Penetron Group, PSP Canada provides assistance to contractors, builders, and architectural and engineering professionals to ensure that
every installation is a success.

Spearheading this Canadian company’s eorts are Frank McGuinness and Jim Widdield.

Frank McGuinness, President of PSP Canada, states “We are very excited about this strategic alliance, and the opportunity to extend our existing relationship with our Penetron partners, and the ability to provide our established customer-base with the resources, knowledge, experience and high quality, value added products manufactured by PSP. ”

PSP products, from primers to self-leveling underlayments and vapor barriers, have all been developed to be Best-of-Class products when used individually and to compliment and provide maximum protection when combined as a system. Backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, a wealth of industry experience and customer support, the PSP products are produced at the PSP manufacturing facility in Allentown, Pennsylvania (USA). This 43,000 square foot facility features the latest blending and packaging systems combined with exacting quality control processes that have earned PSP an ISO 9001-2008 certication. PSP’s oor leveling and substrate preparation materials are produced according to environmentally sustainable formulations

  • Minimize the environmental impact of our product
  • Use high percentage of recycled components where appropriate
  • Enhance indoor air quality during and after installation (no fumes)

Jim Widdield, Vice President at PSP Canada, also notes: “We know that every job and every oor is dierent. And we know how
important it is to combine the right products with the right installation methods to deliver the best possible results. Additionally,
our R&D team develops and optimizes products utilizing safe and environmentally-friendly raw materials and recycled
materials for LEED-compatible products. We utilize environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes by avoiding damaging
emissions during production.”

For more information about Penetron Specialty Products Canada, Ltd, our products and our services, please contact us at:

The Penetron Group is a privately-held international corporation involved with the manufacturing of specialty construction products for concrete waterproong, concrete repairs and oor preparation systems. The Group operates through a network that spans the globe, oering support to the design and construction community through a range of oces, representatives and distribution channels. For more information, please contact Ann Martucci at 631-941-9700, or email us at [email protected].

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