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Plaster JBead Linear Bar Grille from Advanced Arch Grilles


Seemingly Simple. Simply Seamless
The AAG Advanced Architectural Grilleworks exclusive Jbead frame (patent pending) combined with our linear bar grille provides a flush, borderless installation for plaster and drywall applications on walls and/or ceilings. Also known in the industry as a “mud grille”, it provides a seamless installation enabling you to capture the contour of any wall or ceiling.

The J Bead design is quickly fastened to the wall via the outer flange by either screwing or nailing through the pre-drilled holes. After fastening, the flange is covered with a skim coat of plaster providing your customer with a clean, flush appearance.

The frame is fully welded into a solid, one piece unit. There are no unsightly rivets or surface welds as is the current industry standard. The flange provides multiple recessed capture areas for plaster or "mud" and there is a step enabling the finishers to smoothly and cleanly apply an initial coat and a final skim coat.

Additionally, there are numerous pre-punched holes designed to accept standard wall board screws with spacing to accommodate any wall condition.

The core can be fixed and welded to the frame, or removable for access to damper controls or filters. This design is available on all linear bar grille models with a Band or A style frame. Custom frame widths and angles are also available.

About AAG Advanced Arch Grilles

Since 1939, our team's unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service, meticulous attention to detail, unrivaled dependability and integrity, and a relentless commitment to product quality and timeliness, have made us the industry's choice for architectural grilles, linear bar grilles, perforated metal grilles, decorative grilles, architectural metal work, metal components, and decorative hardware.

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