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Project From Duraamen: Polished Concrete Flooring In An Appliance Showroom

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Dec 17, 2012

Since 1932, L.H. Brubaker Appliances & Water Conditioning has been serving the Tri-State area in the sales and service of appliances. You will find an extensive selection of high-end, built-in and professional quality kitchen appliances at L.H. Brubaker Appliances & Water Conditioning located in Eastern and Central Pennsylvania. They recently opened a new location at 896 Plaza Boulevard, Lancaster, PA.

L.H. Brubaker decided to go for polished concrete flooring in their new store. Balmer Brothers Construction were invited to offer their services. The store area was approximately 6250 sq.ft. It had multiple types of flooring …carpet glue, vinyl tile, etc. The following system was proposed:

About Duraamen Engineered Products Inc.

Düraamen Engineered Products is one of the leading manufacturers of seamless flooring systems – Self leveling concrete, Industrial coatings, Decorative concrete micro-toppings/overlays, decorative quartz flooring, designer metallic epoxy coatings, conductive flooring, moisture vapor treatments, chemical stains, water based stains, concrete densifiers, polyurethane cement floors, epoxy crack repair and joint filling compounds and high performance concrete sealers (acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane and polyaspartic). Düraamen technical representatives work closely with architects, engineers, specifiers, property owners/managers and contractors right from specification through installation of the products. Düraamen products are installed be trained installers across USA and Canada.

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