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Reinforced Concrete Pipe Provides Strength in Manitowoc Reconstruction Project

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  • Project Name: US-10 Highway/Waldo Boulevard
  • Location: Manitowoc, WI
  • Engineer: Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT)
  • General Contractor: Vinton Construction Company
  • Precaster: County Materials Corporation
  • Date: Summer 2019
  • Key Products: 1,792 ln. ft. of Class III 72” Round Reinforced Concrete Pipe, 1,408 ln. ft. of Class III and IV 66” Round Reinforced Concrete Pipe, 494 ln. ft. of Class III 60” Round Reinforced Concrete Pipe, 56 ln. ft. of Class III 72” x 113” Elliptical Reinforced Concrete Pipe, Manholes, and Inlets.
Several years of planning, community input and coordination finally unfolded in the summer of 2019 along US-10 Highway/Waldo Boulevard running through Manitowoc, WI. This busy roadway, which sees upwards of 13,000 vehicles per day, was in desperate need of repair. Reconstruction of the roadway provided the opportunity to update the area’s stormwater management system with large reinforced concrete pipe, manholes and inlets supplied by County Materials Corporation. Site challenges on this project proved reinforced concrete pipe was the only option as compared to alternative storm water management products.

Deteriorating pavement, crumbling curbs and overdue service life goals necessitated road resurfacing in this area. Overseen by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), the decision was made to undergo a complete reconstruction to address storm water management issues and safety concerns. The main trunk line for this area runs under Waldo Boulevard collecting and conveying the surrounding neighborhoods’ storm water runoff west to the Little Manitowoc River. The existing reinforced concrete pipe system, which was estimated to have been installed in the 1920s or 30s was still in good operating condition, however, was undersized and unable to handle the surrounding runoff volume. The condition of this nearly 100-year-old system demonstrates concrete pipe’s extreme strength and durability—one of the many reasons reinforced concrete pipe continues to be a preferred choice for discriminating engineers.

There were several challenges with updating the storm water system along Waldo Boulevard. First, the elevation along the roadway and large size of the pipe required deeper placement to maintain required conveyance. In some areas, the concrete pipe is buried 29 feet down, a depth that only reinforced concrete pipe can withstand without additional bedding and trench engineering. Unlike alternative materials, concrete pipe provides structural support and withstands heavy loads without deflecting. Plastic pipe systems ability to support loads and resist deflection is dependent on the type and amount of embedment materials used and proper installation methods. Flexible pipe also requires additional field testing that could impact a project’s schedule.

Waldo Boulevard’s steep decline down to the Little Manitowoc River caused runoff to travel extremely fast—old manhole covers were bolted down because water pressure had blown them off in the past. Large precast structures supplied by County Materials played a pivotal role in addressing this unique challenge. The updated main trunk line directs runoff to a massive 120” in diameter manhole, which acts as a dissipater to slow the conveyed water. Exiting the manhole is a 72” by 113” elliptical reinforce pipe—specified for its ability to handle high volumes of runoff. This specially engineered system effectively slows the velocity of storm runoff and helps limit erosion to the Little Manitowoc River.

Another challenge on this job was minimizing the impact construction had on surrounding properties and local business. In addition, the existing storm water system needed to remain active during construction in order to maintain drainage. County Materials effectively coordinated with crews on site to make deliveries in stages, which helped complete the project as quickly as possible.

The finished project addresses safety concerns for traffic by adding a round-a-bout at the far east side of Waldo Boulevard, where it meets Highway 42/Maritime Drive. In addition, the four-lane roadway was given wider shoulders and several intersections were realigned. Improved sidewalks were also added accommodating the increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic along Waldo Boulevard.

With the support of County Materials, this reconstruction project was able to stay on track and have minimal impact on the surrounding community. The new storm water management system, expanded roadway, and pedestrian accommodations will serve the community for many years to come.

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