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Reliance Foundry’s Color-Rich Plastic Bollard Covers Prove a Popular New Buyer Choice


"Plastic bollard covers added to the Reliance Foundry line about a year ago have quickly become a popular purchase item, surpassing expectations", said Brad Done, vice president of Reliance Foundry.

Plastic bollard covers "provide a sleek, modern look available in several vibrant colors, including black for those wanting a more traditional feel," Done said. While yellow bollard covers with red stripes have been the most traditional choice in plastic, customers are increasingly opting for other color combinations, he added.

One of the major uses for plastic bollard sleeves is to make security bollards stand out clearly, both day and night. Using highlighted bollards at night outside retail businesses helps discourage would-be "smash-and-grab" burglars who drive trucks through entryways - counting on grabbing products quickly before police can arrive, even when instantly alerted by alarms.

In addition to stolen inventory, smash-and-grab burglars can cause major property damage. “One Vancouver-area electronics store suffered more than $100,000 in structural damage alone in a 2009 holiday season break-in”, Done said, noting that “front door security bollards were a top priority in the rebuilding plan”.

The preferred materials for security bollards are concrete-filled steel pipes. Their strictly utilitarian look is often acceptable in areas such as loading docks, but is often dubbed too industrial to be inviting to customers at pedestrian entrances. Bright plastic covers are highly visible choices, and plastic bollard covers from Reliance Foundry allow for the addition of reflective stripes in red, white or blue to further increase visibility.

"Plastic covers offer several other benefits," Done said. "They are inexpensive to buy and replace, they come in both round and square shapes, and they offer a wide choice of sizes, with heights from 52 to 72 inches and diameters from 4-1/2 to 10-7/8 inches. Installation couldn't be easier – they just slide onto existing bollards, and can be further trimmed at installation if desired. Two foam strips, which easily affix to the bollard and expand to fill any space between the bollard and cover, are included with each cover. The covers essentially lock in place to prevent theft."

Reliance Foundry stocks plastic bollard covers made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) that withstand extreme temperatures, resist fading from sun and weather for five years, and are resistant to solvents found in many sidewalk deicing products, Done said.

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