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Reliance Foundry Reduces Plastic Post Cover Pricing


Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd., North America’s premier supplier of bollards, bike racks, and custom castings, announced a price reduction today that is aimed at increasing the use of its economical, durable and aesthetic line of plastic post covers. A new supplier agreement has allowed Reliance Foundry to significantly reduce the prices of these already cost-sensitive solutions. Plastic post covers are available in styles that combine traditional or contemporary ornamentation with the modern functionality of thermoplastic and Reliance Foundry is hoping that this cost reduction will help to promote this cost-sensitive solution’s effectiveness. Depending on the model, the savings will average 15 to 40 per cent. The agreement has already taken effect and the new prices can be viewed on Reliance Foundry’s bollard website:

“Plastic post covers make sense for a lot of bollard projects, especially those that are confined by a tight budget,” says Brad Done, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Reliance Foundry. “We’re hoping this price reduction will help to increase awareness of this cost-sensitive solution that increases both aesthetic value and elemental resistance.”

Reliance Foundry’s plastic post covers are available in a wide range of styles to match the architectural approach of all projects. They are constructed from polyethylene and are designed in decorative styles that create an economical, old-world ambiance and functional styles that complement more contemporary environments. Reliance Foundry offers models that range from simplistic to elegant in both classic and modern styles. Their material composition makes them light-weight and substantially more economical than bollard covers composed of other materials. The thermoplastic composition also provides an exceptionally high level of weather resistance to protect the structural integrity of the inner post. Plastic post covers can be easily fit over standard sized security posts to provide unadorned protection or to transform the posts into architectural highlights that resemble historic bollards. Reliance Foundry’s post covers increase visibility, protect posts from the elements and beautify them. The price reduction increases the potential for use of these economical solutions that increase aesthetic value and extend the service lives of security posts. “The cost-sensitive pricing is major benefit of plastic post covers,” says Reliance Foundry’s Sales Manager, Rick Pasternak; “They’re an extremely economical way to improve the aesthetics and visibility of pipe bollards and security posts and we’re hoping this price reduction will make it even easier to experience the benefits of this solution."

Plastic post covers reduce the need for maintenance of security and bumper posts. They provide an exceptionally long service life and will not fade or chip. Reliance Foundry’s plastic post covers can be installed in a matter of minutes with a patented tape that reduces the likelihood of theft. They are composed of fully-recyclable material and protect posts from snow, rain, and harmful UV rays. Plastic post covers provide the perfect blend of style and economical, elemental protection. See the different models and newly-reduced pricing on Reliance Foundry’s post cover website.

About Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

Reliance Foundry has been a trusted supplier of cast metal products since 1927. Specialists in bollard design, production and installation, Reliance Foundry’s innovative catalog also features cutting-edge bike racks and industrial-grade, steel wheels. Reliance Foundry sources cast metal solutions from across the globe to provide competitive prices and conveniently ships to all locations within North America. Reliance Foundry is the proud recipient of the Surrey Board of Trade’s 2012 Business Excellence Award.

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