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Removable Bike Bollard Options at Reliance Foundry


Removable Bike Bollards are multi-functional, traffic guidance and bike storage solutions. They divert traffic, prevent access, define access routes for vehicles AND their secure bike-locking arms provide top-notch security for bicycles. Best of all, removable bike bollards can even be temporarily removed to allow temporary access to emergency and delivery vehicles or to change access routes on a seasonal basis.

When it comes to removable bike bollards, a lot of options are available and Reliance Foundry categorizes its options into two distinct categories. The first type, found in the removable bike bollard section of the site, is installed with permanently installed receivers that are installed below grade during installation. To remove this style of removable bike bollard, a lock is removed from either a chain or a lid and the bollard is simply lifted out of the receiver. All standard bike bollards can also be installed with specialized hardware to make them temporarily removable and this makes up the second category of removable bike bollards. Reliance Foundry offers both premium and economy mountings that allow bike bollards to become temporally removable and each of these operates in a unique manner. To find the correct removable bike bollard for every application, proper consideration should be paid to the different options that are available:

Removable Bike Bollards with Below-Grade Receivers

Reliance Foundry’s series R-7900 and R-8900 bike bollards are devices that were designed specifically for changing access applications, making them the least complicated option available. They are installed with an in-ground receiver so that its top sits flush with the asphalt surface. The receiver (aka mount or sleeve) holds the bike bollard and features a lid or chain with a locking mechanism to prevent theft or misuse. Receivers that feature a lid can be closed to disguise the mounting hole. Reliance Foundry’s removable bike bollards with below-surface receivers are available in powder-coated steel or stainless steel and offer an exceptionally long service life. Reliance Foundry’s series R-7900 and R-8900 provide the ultimate in bike-friendly access control.

Please note that price of the in-ground receiver is not included in the listed price of the removable bike bollard. To calculate the total cost of the unit, the price of the receiver must be added to unit price of the removable bike bollard.

Standard Bike Bollards with Premium Removable Mountings

When a site’s architectural integrity must be maintained, Reliance Foundry’s standard, decorative metal bike bollards can be installed with premium removable mountings to become traffic guides in changing access applications. Premium mountings are sleek devices that actually retract into the concrete grade when the retractable bollard is removed. This removable & retractable mounting system requires the operator to pull a pin from the base of the bike bollard before the bike bollard is removed from its mounting. Once the bike bollard is removed, the mounting bracket is twisted and retracted into its mount creating a mount that is flush with the grade, posing no tripping hazard.

Please note that price of this specialized mounting must be added to the price of the actual bollard to calculate the total price of the removable unit.

Standard Bike Bollards with Economy Removable Mountings

Reliance Foundry’s cost-sensitive removable mounting provides another option for installing standard, decorative bike bollards. It can be set in either existing or new concrete surfaces and is designed for quick removal. The economy removable mounting requires the operator to remove a lock and pull a pin from the base of the bike bollard before the bike bollard is removed from its mounting. Once the bike bollard is removed, the mounting bracket can be removed with a wrench. Once the bike bollard is removed, the mounting bracket must be taken off the concrete surface to eliminate any potential tripping hazard. Should the field requirements of the site ever change, this mounting can also easily be transformed into a standard, decorative mounting.

Please note that price of this specialized mounting must be added to the price of the actual bollard to calculate the total price of the removable unit.

No matter, what option used to mount a removable bike bollard by Reliance Foundry, it will deliver a new level of convenience to a streetscape and provide flexibility in access control. Being familiar with all the options available will help to keep a project on budget and ensure that the correct removable bollard is used on every site. To learn more about Reliance Foundry’s many secure bike bollard systems, visit the online bike parking catalogue.

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About Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.
Reliance Foundry has been a trusted supplier of cast metal products since 1927. Specialists in bollard design, production and installation, Reliance Foundry’s innovative catalogue also features cutting-edge bike racks and industrial-grade, steel wheels. Reliance Foundry sources cast metal solutions from across the globe to provide competitive prices and conveniently ships to all locations within North America. Reliance Foundry is the proud recipient of the Surrey Board of Trade’s 2012 Business Excellence Award.

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