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Reliance Foundry Introduces BIM Bollard and Bike Rack Models


Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd., North America’s premier supplier of bollards, bike racks, and custom castings, announced today that, in response to customer demand, it has begun rolling out a sampling of Business Information Modeling (BIM) objects. Ideal for designers and architects, the new BIM bollard and bike rack objects are computerized representations that can be used to create conceptualizations of how Reliance Foundry’s bollards and bike racks will look and perform on any given site. An upgrade from the two dimensional drawings traditionally used in architectural planning, Reliance Foundry’s BIM bollard and bike rack objects provide a thorough representation of spatial relationships, light, climate and other factors that may affect the installation and performance of these products. The models that can be created with these new BIM objects will make it easier for architects to plan installations and for buyers to get a better understanding how Reliance Foundry’s bollards and bike racks can be used to enhance their streetscapes.

“The introduction of these modelling tools is a part of our commitment to providing the highest level of product support and being at the forefront of technology,” says Brent Done, President at Reliance Foundry. “This technology will be a benefit to architects, designers and end-customers because it gives them the ability to see how bollards and bike racks will look once they are installed.”

BIM modelling has become the standard in architectural planning and Reliance Foundry’s new BIM models will provide the most through representations of the products in use. The BIM models can be used to create 3-dimensional digital models of potential bollard and bike rack installation sites that contain a whole new level of information. Traditionally, architectural plans, including those created by CAD, were created through the use of lines but BIM modeling creates virtual sites through the use of objects that software can identify. Having the ability to identify objects allows the software system to access all the information that is stored within these objects. When planning a bollard or bike installation, switching something as simple as the product’s mounting could have repercussions that affect other factors in the site’s construction. If BIM modelling is used, the software will automatically access the information stored within the BIM model and make the necessary changes to allow for the bollard or bike rack’s altered mounting. Reliance Foundry’s new bike rack and bollard BIM models hosted by ARCAT will create truly intelligent models of potential installation sites and these intelligent models contain more comprehensive data than any previous modelling system. With Reliance foundry’s new BIM models, a whole new level of insight will be brought to the planning phase of bollard and bike rack installations.

“These models give a really idea of how bollards and bike racks will look once they’re installed,” says Lem Cranmore, Product Manager “Not only that, it will really help to determine the feasibility of these products in any given application.”

Reliance Foundry’s BIM models can be accessed in the “RFA” column found on the company’s bollards downloads and bike racks downloads page. File extension RFA’s are compressed Revit Family Files that contain many separate files in one large archive. The same bollard and bike rack files are also available on the ARCAT website. Almost every model of bollard and bike rack is available in BIM model form and all can be used with Revit software to create state-of-the-art digital conceptualizations of bollard and bike rack installations. For more information on innovative bollard and bike rack solutions visit Reliance Foundry’s website.

About Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.:

Reliance Foundry has been a trusted supplier of cast metal products since 1927. Specialists in bollard design, production and installation, Reliance Foundry’s innovative catalogue also features cutting-edge bike racks and industrial-grade, steel wheels. Reliance Foundry sources cast metal solutions from across the globe to provide competitive prices and conveniently ships to all locations within North America. Reliance Foundry is the proud recipient of the Surrey Board of Trade’s 2012 Business Excellence Award.

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