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Safe And Reliable Ladder Safety Product Helps Reduce Risk of Fall Injury


Falls are the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry, according to the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). In fact, according to Liberty Mutual’s 2005 Workplace Safety Index, the direct compensation and medical treatments associated with falls from elevation cost American businesses $4.5 Billion.

Safe And Reliable Ladder Safety Product Helps Reduce Risk of Fall Injury

Extension ladders are often unsteady and can lead to worker injury, building damage, and increased insurance premiums. Permanent ladders are hard to climb and allow unauthorized individuals to access the rooftop. Roof Hatches often require maintenance technicians to drag dirty equipment through a store or restaurant. In addition, high copper scrap values make rooftop heating and cooling units prime targets for thieves.

To combat these issues, LadderPort™ is manufactured by LadderTech, L.L.C to increase safety, reduce liability and help protect U.S. workers.

LadderPort™ is the permanent building mounted ladder receiver that dramatically increases extension ladder safety while reducing the risk of injury or death. The receiver mounts to almost any commercial or industrial building and can hold an extension ladder safely in place. The hooks secure the rungs of the ladder, preventing it from slipping backward, while the plates keep the ladder from sliding sideways. Upon reaching the roof, the user can grip the Grab Bars and walk directly through the bars instead of around the ladder.

“With LadderPort™, you don’t need to have the ladder extend past where it locks onto the bracket,” Said Mike Kujala, owner of Hartland Developers and LadderPort™ user. “You can hang onto the handrails and back yourself onto the ladder. If this thing doesn’t save me some day, it will save one of my employees.”

LadderPort™ meets OSHA regulation 1926.1053(b)(1), reduces liability and the risk of being sued due to a fall from an unsecured ladder. In addition, it eliminates children and vandal’s attraction to permanently mounted ladders. It is available in four different models to fit all building types, including buildings with gutters or decorative details. LadderPort™ is a safe and comfortable alternative for anyone that must access the roof with an extension ladder.

Founded in 2004, LadderTech’s mission is to fill the void in roof access safety. LadderPort™ was invented by a Mechanical Contractor after a ladder fall occurred in his company. LadderPort™ manufactures a full line of Ladder Safety Products including Roof Hatch Safety Grab Bars, Parapet Stair Systems and “Cranky”, the portable winch system. All LadderPort™ products are designed and manufactured in Brighton, Michigan.

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