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Sheltering Arms Institute Richmond-Area Hospital’s Building Façade Secured with StoVentro Sub-Construction


Sheltering Arms Institute Richmond-Area Hospital’s Building Façade Secured with StoVentro Sub-Construction

The Sheltering Arms Institute is an inpatient rehabilitation hospital developed by Sheltering Arms Hospital and VCU Health in Richmond, Virginia.

Situated on 25 acres, the 200,000-square-foot facility has 114 beds for people who are recovering from brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and strokes. It also provides services to patients with neurological conditions.

At a cost of $95 million, the hospital also includes an expansive 9,000-square-foot main therapy gym where patients undergo physical and occupational therapy as part of their individual recovery plans.

When architects and contractors were making decisions on the façade of the new hospital, they settled on StoVentro™ Sub-Construction to attach and secure the external cladding.

Sheltered in Place

For the exterior of the building, architects decided to create a mix of terra cotta and metal panels for a sophisticated, modern look.

Gabriel Castillo, business development manager for Pillar Construction, said StoVentro Sub-Construction was the optimal solution to support both forms of external cladding.

Made of stainless steel and aluminum, the metal bracket and rail support system is embedded in the insulation, serving as the anchor for 49,000 square feet of the building’s exterior wall.

Castillo noted that the brackets have built-in ways to adjust for the inconsistencies of the substrate, and the aluminum horizontal rails serve as an easy way to hang the vertical components.

“The fact that you can adjust the plane of the sub framing helps us as an installer to execute the project faster,” Castillo said. “We can accommodate site conditions better than having something like a fiberglass bracket or composite bracket that will not allow us to adjust.”

For instance, the use of StoVentro Sub-Construction meant that installers did not have to move a window or adjust concrete that might have been off plane.

One Complete System

StoVentro Sub-Construction is specifically engineered to compensate for uneven substrates and provide for flush transitions between different rainscreen claddings. It is one component of the StoVentec® ventilated Rainscreen® cladding system, which provides superior weathertightness, thermal performance and fire protection, all in a single, fully warrantied solution.

Whether used as part of the complete StoVentec Rainscreen system or as a standalone with other claddings, StoVentro Sub-construction is unique in its versatility. For example, the two claddings used on Sheltering Arms required different orientations of the agraffe rails. The terracotta cladding required vertical rail orientation, while the metal panels were on a horizontal plane. StoVentro was able to accommodate both seamlessly.

Singular Solution, Inherent Value

With the Sheltering Arms project, utilizing the StoVentro Sub-Construction simplified the installation of the two claddings, which came from two different manufacturers. Having one Sub-construction system that worked with both claddings streamlined the order, delivery and installation process, saving time and effort, which represented value to Gabriel Castillo and his team.

“The StoVentec program works with installers to optimize and figure out better ways to utilize the maximum potential of the product,” Castillo said. “They worked very closely with us.”

Sheltering Arms held its grand opening of the new medical facility in the spring of 2020.

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