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SMART Notebook™ App For iPad Now Available

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Sep 14, 2012

The much anticipated SMART Notebook app for iPad is now available on the Apple app store. The app allows students to use SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software on their personal or school-owned iPad enabling a seamless transition between whole-class, small-group and personalized learning. SMART Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SMT) (TSX: SMA), a leading provider of collaboration solutions, recognized the need for the app in allowing students and teachers with iPads to enjoy the engaging lesson materials of SMART Notebook software anywhere and at anytime.

SMART Notebook software is the ideal choice for lesson creation and delivery, as demonstrated by more than 6 million activations and use in classrooms with over 40 million students in 175 countries. A recent global study involving more than 300 educators from around the world revealed that using both interactive whiteboards and personal devices such as iPads, tablets or PCs in the classroom provides more value than using either on their own because it enhances the ability to shift easily between whole-class, small group and individual learning. Educators also indicated that interactive whiteboards can drive more value than PCs or tablets alone. With the SMART Notebook app on their iPad, students can use many of the software tools typically used on the SMART Board® interactive whiteboard. They can open any SMART Notebook file from an e-mail or file-sharing website and can write, erase, add text, move objects and insert images. Additionally, students can use the iPad camera roll and can drop images into SMART Notebook software pages. These features will enable students to use their iPad to review material and complete activities that can then be saved and e-mailed back to the teacher for evaluation. Student material can also be displayed on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard for whole-class learning by wirelessly streaming the iPad content using AirPlay with an Apple TV. By using the SMART Notebook app for iPad, students and teachers can stay on track and save time by being able to work with the same material on both interactive displays and iPad at school or at home. For more information go to SMART Notebook for iPad.

"SMART Notebook continues to be the software of choice for educators looking to add interactivity into their daily lessons," says Linda Thomas, Vice President, Products, SMART Technologies. "The SMART Notebook app for iPad allows students and teachers to benefit from many of the features of SMART Notebook software wherever they go, enabling learning and engagement that goes beyond the classroom."


SMART Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of collaboration solutions that change the way the world works and learns. As the global leader in interactive whiteboards, our focus is on developing a variety of easy-to-use, integrated solutions that free people from their desks and computer screens, making collaboration and learning with digital resources more natural. Our products have transformed teaching and learning in more than 2 million classrooms worldwide, reaching over 40 million students and their teachers. In business, our Freestorm™ visual collaboration solutions improve the way that people work and collaborate, enabling them to be more productive and reduce costs.

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