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SOMAY Elastomeric Wall Mastic Sealer & Protector

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PREMIUM QUALITY SOMAY Elastomeric "WALL MASTIC", Sealer & Protector is used on premium quality homes by South Florida's foremost builders.

Highest Premium Quality • Exceptionally Durable • Economical Protection

Waterproofs • Creates a Surface Membrane that Resists Water Penetration

Fills Pores • Bridges & Seals Hairline Cracks • Stops Leaks

Superior Adhesion To All Properly Prepared Masonry Surfaces

Exceptionally Flexible • Resists Cracking, Chipping, Flaking & Pealing

Breathes • Lets Vapor Escape • Resists Blistering

Highly Resistant to Mildew & Chalking • Looks Better Longer

Ready To Use • Easy To Apply • Easy To Clean-Up

For Residential, Commercial, Institutional & Industrial Buildings

For New Construction • To Upgrade Older Buildings

If you were to look through a magnifying glass at the exterior masonry surface of a building, whether stucco, concrete, stone or brick, etc., you would notice that the surface is very porous, that is, it has many small holes, pores and hairline cracks.

Were these walls then subjected to wind-driven rain of 100, 75 or even 50 m.p.h., rain water could be forced through the pores and cracks of the walls, probably ruining, or at least water staining, the interior wall coverings, draperies, carpeting, etc. Since regular paint is porous, it can't possibly stop wind-driven rain.

SOMAY has developed a solution . . . it's SOMAY Elastomeric "WALL MASTIC", Sealer & Protector.
It's a premium quality, high-build, acrylic elastomeric coating that, when properly applied to a properly prepared surface, will fill the pores and bridge the hairline cracks in exterior masonry walls, making them waterproof, because it will not allow water to penetrate through the coating membrane . . . its even able to withstand such severe weather conditions as hurricane force rain driven by winds up to 100 miles per hour.

SOMAY "WALL MASTIC", available in White and custom colors, creates a beautiful finish that is exceptionally durable and should not flake, chip, peel, crack or blister for many years.

SOMAY Elastomeric "WALL MASTIC" is manufactured by Somay Manufacturing, Inc., the oldest and most experienced paint and coating manufacturer in Southern Florida. Founded over seven decades ago, in 1926, SOMAY specializes in manufacturing premium quality paints and coatings especially formulated to withstand the severest environmental conditions in the world. Somay Manufacturing, Inc. provides "SOLUTIONS" to customers' problems through the manufacture of this and many other quality paints and coatings. Whatever your needs, we may be able to help you. Whatever your needs, we may be able to help you. Please give us a call toll-free, or write, e-mail or fax SOMAY at the numbers shown below.

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