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Standing Seam Polycarbonate Walls, Canopies and Skylights #3100


The 3100 is a standing seam polycarbonate wall that offers daylighting, high insulation value, UV screening, and resistance to abuse all in one high performance package. The same technology that makes standing seam roofing watertight is present in the 3100 wall, with the added advantage of light transmission and insulation. This multi-use translucent polycarbonate based product is also used for canopies and skylights.

  • Translucent Polycarbonate Panels are nominally 2ft. wide and are available in lengths to 39ft.

  • Continuous polycarbonate battens snap over the panel edges to form the seams.

  • Aluminum framing is fitted with low-friction gasketing and deep glazing pockets allowing for both security and thermal movement of the panels.

  • Perimeter framing is engineered with interlocking components to allow removal of individual panels if necessary.

  • Standing seams eliminate the need for vertical aluminum mullions, creating a monolithic appearance and lowering costs.

  • The 3100 Type 1 clip anchors the wall sheets to the purlins thus allowing for thermal movement of the PCSS sheets.

  • The 3100 Type 2 clip allows for wall panel movement in all directions and compensates for misalignment of the building substrate.

  • Perimeter aluminum framing is available in anodized or high performance paint finishes and is available thermally broken.

  • Insulation values can be as high as 50% greater than standard 1" insulated glass.

  • The system can be installed with either the batten in or batten out. Batten in creates a smooth exterior finish.

  • 16mm and 20mm polycarbonate sheet.

  • Available in clear, opal, bronze, blue, green, and mist.
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