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SteelsitesTM Collection: Bistro Tables and Seats from Victor Stanley

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  May 26, 2015

Our SteelsitesTM bistro tables and seats are a modern take on the traditional small group table and seats. Tables and seats are available in two heights and two diameters, with backless or backed seats, and optional integrated footrests.

Their round shape provides for ease of access whether standing or sitting, while the perforated tabletops and seats shed water. The two different height options allow for the creation of an inviting space that encourages lingering over a cup of coffee and pleasant conversation, or a standing space for a quick snack or meet-up, whichever best suits your needs.

These bistro style tables and seats require minimum space while still maximizing utility. Their inviting look and well-thought-out proportions can fit in any space — dress them up in a funky color for a little whimsy, or take advantage of our color matching options to blend them to their surroundings in your site.


Round narrow-profile perforated tabletop. Standard height 30 in (762 mm) or bar height 42 in (1067 mm). 1 7/8 in(48 mm) tubular steel legs. Umbrella ready mount. Footrests standard on bar height. Patent pending.

BIST-30R: 30 in (762 mm) round tabletop.
BIST-36R: 36 in (914 mm) round tabletop.

Surface mount. In-ground mount. Solid steel tabletop (without perforation). Remove umbrella mount. Remove footrests.


16 in (406 mm) round, perforated steel seat. Standard height 17 in (432 mm) or bar height 29 in (737 mm). 2 3/8 in (60 mm) tubular steel legs. Footrests standard on bar height.

FBS-16R: Backless.
NBS-16R: Solid steel bar backrest.

Surface mount. In-ground mount. Solid round seat (without perforation). Remove footrests.

About Victor Stanley

Victor Stanley, a leader in quality site furnishings, helps you bring your visions to life. From benches and litter receptacles to bike racks and planters, we meticulously design, engineer, and manufacture every detail to ensure our site furnishings will withstand the test of time. Founded over 50 years ago, we help create a place for people to gather, live life, and make timeless moments.

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