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Sto Corp. Introduces StoVentec for Masonry Veneer Facades


Sto Corp., the innovative world leader in claddings, air barriers, coatings, and restoration systems announced the launch of StoVentec® for masonry veneer facades, a new offering in the StoVentec line of ventilated rainscreen cladding systems to support thin brick masonry veneer cladding.

Sto Corp. Introduces StoVentec for Masonry Veneer Facades

The latest introduction is part of Sto’s ongoing effort to expand their array of unlimited design flexibility with a broad range of architectural surfaces. “This is part of our ‘Creativity Begins. Sto Finishes.®’ initiative” explains Larry Hilovsky, Director, Rainscreen - Sto Corp., “We’re offering the widest range of aesthetic options in combination with the most complete selection of fully engineered and tested building envelope systems. Designers know they can find the look they want without compromising the performance of the building enclosure.”

Following standard procedure with a new product introduction, Sto is conducting full system testing. In particular, they are testing the sheer bond strength of industry standard thin brick masonry veneer products with Sto’s masonry adhesive. “Customers need to know that the products they’re using will work together seamlessly. By offering a complete, tested system, we’re making sure that they will,” said Sto Senior Product Manager Karine Galla. When describing their testing program, she said, “When you combine the complete system approach with the aesthetic possibilities that come with Sto, nobody else can compete. Nobody really even comes close.”

For more information, please visit StoVentec for masonry veneer facades, or call (800) 221-2397.

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