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Sto Corp. Partners with Swatchbox to Deliver Premium Sample Experience to Architects


Sto Corp. Partners with Swatchbox to Deliver Premium Sample Experience to Architects

Sto Corp., a North American leader in complete exterior wall systems, has partnered with Swatchbox, the leading building material sample platform for building professionals, to deliver a new premium sample experience to architects and designers.

The partnership places Sto Corp.’s product, StoVentec Glass, on Swatchbox Pro, a free digital platform for professional designers and architects to research materials and request samples from leading building product manufacturers worldwide. Sto Corp. samples of StoVentec Glass requested through Swatchbox ship with automatic free next-day or second-day shipping to firms across the United States to accommodate tight project deadlines for architects and designers. The service is entirely free for all verified building professionals.

“Sto Corp.’s collaboration with Swatchbox allows us to get our samples in the hands of architects and designers quicker and more efficiently,” said Christy Gatchell, Director of Sales for StoVentec® Rainscreen®. “We believe this partnership will help deliver an exceptional customer experience by making our wide selection of StoVentec® Rainscreen® Glass colors more accessible.”

Sto Corp. offers a wide range of building envelope solutions including StoVentec Rainscreen Systems – a fully tested and code-approved ventilated rainscreen system that encompasses all wall components, including cladding, sub-framing, insulation, air and moisture barrier, and unmatched design flexibility.

“Architects and designers love working with unique materials that make a statement in their projects,” said Benjamin Glunz, CEO of Swatchbox. “We’re thrilled to offer Sto Corp.’s innovative products to the Swatchbox community.”

As part of this collaboration, StoVentec Glass samples will become more easily accessible to designers and architects through Swatchbox’s proprietary software and sample fulfillment services. Pros in architecture and interior design can order Sto Corp. samples for free on Sto Corp.’s website. To learn more, visit us at

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