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Sto Expands Line of StoSelect Digital Tools


Sto Corp., the innovative North American leader in exterior claddings, air barriers, coatings, and building restoration solutions, has launched the Sto Wall Selector tool, which is the latest in a suite of online, self-help tools on The Sto Wall Selector is designed to assist users in finding the best Sto wall system for a particular project.

Sto Expands Line of StoSelect Digital Tools

The Sto Wall Selector guides the user through a series of questions about their project and then provides the best Sto wall systems based on their selections. The goal of the Sto Wall Selector is to help customers choose and customize a building envelope system based on priorities, performance, and aesthetic parameters that meet their project-specific requirements. The tool serves expert and novice customers and allows them to explore, learn and compare wall systems, such as EIFS, prefabricated wall panels, rainscreen, and stucco.

“The Sto Wall Selector is the first of its kind in our industry,” said Keri Tolar, Senior Digital Manager for Sto Corp. “This tool continues to position Sto as the technology leader, not only in engineered wall systems and products, but in digital tools and resources for design professionals to easily find what they need or learn about the best option based on their needs.”

Sto continues to develop its StoSelect suite of digital tools to educate and assist in the design process. Previously introduced, StoInspire assists in visualizing Sto façade finishes on a building. Sto Aesthetic+Product Selector helps the customer understand the various Sto solutions to achieve the desired façade aesthetic. Sto Finish Selector aides in learning which Sto finishes can be used to achieve the desired aesthetic, texture of the finish and selecting the appropriate finish for a project.

“We want to be the first name that comes to mind when a design professional, general contractor or architect is planning a project,” said Tolar. “Using StoSelect tools will change the way the industry experts plan their projects. These tools reinforce Sto as a trusted advisor for building envelope solutions.”

For more information and to use the Sto Wall Selector, visit

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