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Stone Panels International LLC Captures Environmental Vision of Business Owners


A year and a half after the resort first open its doors, the environmental consciousness of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community is evident on the walls of The Talking Stick Resort, thanks to Stone Panels International LLC From its conception, the Native American business owners set out to build a resort that captured their good steward nature; choosing building materials that were reflective of both the Scottsdale, Arizona area and good for the environment.

The resort partnered with architects from FFKR in Salt Lake City, Utah on the project; and chose StoneLite® panels from Stone Panels International LLC to be a major player in the construction of a 440-million-dollar resort facility. For construction, 82,500 square feet of Rainbow Sandstone StoneLite® panels were incorporated in both the exterior and interior of the property. Among other reasons, some of the biggest factors that played into the decision to use StoneLite® panels were environmental.

StoneLite® panels are a “green" building material for several reasons. They only use a quarter of the amount of stone that the alternative building material of dimensional stone uses. In this way, StoneLite® panels help to preserve the precious natural resource that is stone. Likewise, due to their lightweight nature; StoneLite® panels help to cut down on pollution and fuel use from construction machinery and transports. Lighter building materials means less effect on the environment from installation. The environmental impact of choosing Stone Panels International LLC was an especially important consideration for The Talking Stick Resort and Casino, but the “green" nature of StoneLite® panels has also made it a building material of choice for environmental and cost-conscious builders everywhere.

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About Us

StoneLite® panels were developed and patented more than 37 years ago in Ireland. Production came to the United States in 1983 and moved to their current manufacturing facility located in Coppell, Texas in 2002. The first notable exterior cladding project in the United States was a five-story office building in Dallas completed in 1980.

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