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Taking Care of Business (School) with Penetron Technology


The September inauguration of the new campus of the Graduate School of Management at St. Petersburg State University brings a modern MBA program to Russia. PENETRON technology was used to renovate historical buildings and in the construction of the new college infrastructure.

The Graduate School of Management at St. Petersburg State University
The Graduate School of Management at St. Petersburg State University

Partnered with the prestigious École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris (HEC Paris), the St. Petersburg Graduate School of Management is part of the National Priority Project in Education aimed at creating two leading business schools in Russia. One of 22 schools (faculties) of the Saint Petersburg State University, this new school will accommodate 1,600 students on the premises of the historic Mikhailovka estate in Petergof.

The campus features educational and administrative buildings, a dormitory and dining hall for students, hotel and educational complexes, a sports center with a swimming pool, open sports grounds, and parking.

“This is an impressive educational initiative – and a challenging construction project,” says Robert Revera, President and CEO of The PENETRON Group. “A combination of historic royal residences and a completely new college campus demanded a full range of PENETRON products to complete the project.”

The eight villas (dachas) of the original palace and gardens were partially destroyed during World War II, and all needed extensive renovation work. The PENETRON System was used to repair and renew all below-ground structures and infrastructure in the historic buildings. For the construction of the new school campus, PENETRON ADMIX was used for all new concrete to ensure an impermeable foundation. Over 3,000 m (almost 2 miles) of PENEBAR SW waterstop was also used to seal all the construction joints.

“The performance and reliability of PENETRON ADMIX has enjoyed tremendous success in the harsh Russian climate,” adds Mr. Revera. “Our successful project for the newest campus of the St. Petersburg State University shows how careful planning and our crystalline technology can deliver very durable concrete structures.”

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