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About Tarmac America, Inc.


Tarmac America, Inc.

City, state:
Deerfield Beach, FL
Postal code:
PO Box:
PO Box 8648
United States
(800) 226-8167
(954) 481-2800
(954) 421-0296

In 2000, the U.S operations of Tarmac was acquired by Titan America. Today Tarmac employs more than 700 people throughout Florida at its ready-mixed concrete, concrete block and sand & transportation facilities. Our customers operate in all sectors of the construction industry including specifiers, contractors, developers, municipalities, military, and home builders. Customer satisfaction begins with rigid adherence to quality control. Our ready-mixed concrete, block and sand are all manufactured with the most technically advanced equipment available. Attention is paid to the smallest detail. At Tarmac, we believe that quality-minded people create quality products.

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(02750) Rigid Pavement
(02755) Cement Concrete Shoulder
(02830) Retaining Wall
(04220) Concrete Masonry Unit
(32) Exterior Improvements
(32 13 00) Rigid Paving
(32 13 13) Concrete Paving
  (32 13 13.13) Exposed Aggregate Concrete Paving
(32 13 13.16) Power-Compacted Concrete Paving
(32 13 13.19) Prestressed Concrete Paving
(32 13 13.33) Plain Concrete Paving
(32 13 16) Decorative Concrete Paving
(32 13 16.16) Roller-Compacted Concrete Paving

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