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Textured Architectural Pattern Glass Block & Glass Bricks


Benefits of Textured Architectural Pattern Glass Blocks and Bricks

The world of glass block is exploding with unique innovations that the United States and Canada are just now being exposed to. Learn below the benefits of using textured architectural glass blocks and solid glass bricks to transform any room in a home or commercial building. Glass blocks are being reborn to new heights – be part of the movement!

Three dimensional shapes which protrude out of the wall – Imagine the looks you’ll get when someone sees you have a glass wall that literally pops! Much like the effect created by 3D wall panels these glass block units not only create a textured wall or window – but they also transmit light.

Unique colors and finishes transmit varied amounts of light – Whether you want the transparency of glass, a more muted frosted satin translucent finish or a polished metalized look these blocks can create the style you desire.

Trapezoids, Diamond and Mosaic Tile Textured Glass Blocks – Where else can you find a glass shaped like a trapezoid, an asymmetrical pyramid, a cylinder or even the look of a mosaic tile with the benefit of light movement? Check out these cool blocks.

Stunning solid glass brick divider walls – Don’t let the Europeans have a monopoly on stylish divider walls. Whether installed horizontally or vertically clear or colored glass brick divider walls provide sleek looking separations for a bathroom, kitchen, decorative column or pool area.

Free shipping, nationwide supply or professional installation – If you’re a DIY person we have prefabricated sections available in several of these lines. With free nationwide shipping and regional installation expertise you’ll know you’ve made a sound choice with Innovate Building Solutions.

Textured Glass Block Wall in Diamante Pattern
Textured Glass Block Wall in Diamante Pattern

3D Textured Glass Block Shower & Divider Walls – Pyramid, Trapezoid & Cylinder Patterns

The 3D Textured Glass Block line – If you’re looking to make a bold statement in a divider wall, loft space, shower, hotel lobby or a unique upscale home consider the 3D textured glass block line. Imagine a wall that looks like a series of asymmetrical pyramids jutting out, or a unique series of one trapezoid on top of another – or cylinders that are stacked on top of another. You need to see these blocks to believe it!

3D Architectural Pattern Glass Block Panels for Walls and Windows

Imagine tile walls that actually can move light – or a window opening that uses a softly textured glass for more vibrant sunlight and a higher sense of style. These are just some of the benefits of the “3D Wave” and “3D Mosaic” architectural glass block lines through Innovate Building Solutions.

Solid Glass Bricks

Create eye popping divider walls, plant stands or shower walls with this cool line of solid glass bricks. Combine the strength of a traditional brick with the movement of light through a solid glass unit.

These units are available in two sizes:
  • 9 1/2 x 4 1/2” x 2”
  • 4 1/2” x 4 1/2” x 2”
Solid glass bricks can be installed using mortar or structural silicones. An unsupported area should be limited to 40 square feet or less. Maximum dimensions in height or width should not exceed 10 feet.

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