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The Sky’s the Limit with Skylands Concrete Deck Pavers

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More people consider luxury amenities and top-of-the-line features as important factors when choosing where to live or go for entertainment. Developers and owners of multi-living residences and retail spaces also recognize this and know that in today’s market, properties that stand out succeed. This is especially true if they offer inviting rooftop gathering spaces and balcony patios to be enjoyed for multiple seasons.

The concept of using concrete pavers as a “floating” roof ballast, plaza deck and patio has created new opportunities for otherwise lost spaces. Roof tops and balconies can now be more functional as well as attractive. Concrete deck pavers make it possible to turn previously unusable spaces into outdoor living and entertaining areas that enhance the property’s atmosphere and even increase property values.

Skylands™ Concrete Deck Pavers, manufactured by County Materials Corporation, are the ideal solution to raise the status quo for properties. Their versatility and aesthetic appeal turn forgotten or hidden spaces into functional, welcoming outdoor entertaining and living areas. Below are some of the most popular applications for Skylands™ Concrete Deck Pavers. Learn how to make the impossible projects….possible.

Restaurant and Apartment Patios
Restaurant patios attract larger crowds during the warmer months. After a long day at work, nothing beats enjoying a nice meal and cold drink in the sun. When outdoor space at ground level is at a premium, Skylands Concrete Deck Pavers make it easy to create a roof top patio with a view on restaurants or apartment buildings. Skylands units can be installed using a pedestal system. The durable concrete slabs are positioned on top of adjustable pedestals to create a smooth, level surface that accommodates pedestrian loads. Using the pedestal system, Skylands can be installed over typical roof membranes and utilities, while still offering easy access to both. Raised deck pavers are popular options for roof applications because they help to lengthen the life of roof membranes while allowing easy access to roof components, and units are aesthetically appealing. Concrete deck pavers also provide quick water drainage in rain events because the joints between slabs allow water to discharge down to the laying surface which facilitates rapid drainage and surface drying.

Green Roofs
Green Roofs go beyond the aesthetic appeal and recreational use of roof decks by offering the additional benefits of collecting rain water, increasing insulation, extending roof life, and meeting LEED requirements. The modular design of Skylands Concrete Deck Pavers makes them easy to incorporate into any green roof design. In many cases walking areas and patios on green roofs need to be raised higher to stay level with plantings. The pedestal system easily accommodates deck areas with different heights and small adjustments can be made for uneven roof membranes. Concrete deck units provide better thermal insulation because the void between the paver and the membrane encourages constant air circulation and improves heat insulation. Units also extend the life of the waterproofing membrane and protect the surface from UV degradation. Additionally, Skylands are available in colors that provide reflectance and emissive values which further enhances the performance of Green Roofs.

Roof Ballasts
Many roof ballast applications use stones to protect the roof membrane. Recently concrete deck pavers are becoming a more popular alternative because they provide durability, protection, and performance for the roof system from harsh weather conditions while providing drainage and a level walking surface. The void between the paving and membrane can be used to accommodate pipes and services. Skylands Concrete Deck Pavers create safe walking paths for roof maintenance personnel, and units can be individually lifted to access roof components below when necessary.

Sloped lots and existing concrete pads
County Materials also offers a pedestal system that can be used with our Skylands Concrete Deck Pavers. This system allows you to create stable, level, functional outdoor spaces on even the most challenging surfaces. Pedestals can be placed on nearly any surface including roofs, pre-existing concrete pads, and sloped surfaces. With the pedestal system, you can easily compensate for slight irregularities, unevenness and any grade changes on the laying surface to create a flat paved walking surface. Pedestals are adjustable in heights ranging from 3/8 inches up to 21¾ inches.

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