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Tips For Shading Outdoor Spaces From Draper, Inc.


Motorized shades are hot in Europe, but they are just catching on in the United States.

Clint Childress of Draper says outdoor shades are better than indoor shades at shielding the home from heat, cold and sunlight because they stop light and heat before they enter a client's living space.

Childress offers these suggestions for shading outdoor spaces:

Investigate exterior patios, outdoor living rooms, and sunrooms. They are good candidates for outdoor shades.

The weave of an outdoor shade can be larger (between 5-10 percent) than the weave of an indoor shade (typically 1-5 percent), but an outdoor shade needs to be heavier in order to withstand the elements better.

Darker colors are better for outdoors because dark absorbs light and heat and won’t reflect it into your client's space.

Choosing Shade Colors
While we’re on the topic of color, we know your clients want to match the shades or curtains to the interior space, but what color you use facing the outside world is equally important.

Light colors reflect more sunlight, so if the goal is to keep rooms cool during the summer, choose a light-colored shade. If the client is concerned about being able to see through the weave of the shade for a view of the backyard, go with a darker-colored shade.

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