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Universal Pneumatic Switch


The PS20 pneumatic switch offers a reliable, low cost signalling alternative. The PS20 switch enclosure accepts an air hose connection. When the attached hose is compressed and air is forced into the diaphram, it activates a switch. The signal is sent to the motor controls via wired (PS20A) or wireless (PS20-RF) transmission. View Specifications

PS20A Wired Pneumatic Switch
PS20A Wired Pneumatic Switch

The PS20-RF switch offers installation time savings and improved visual aesthetics as there is no need to hard wire a coil cord or retracting reel. PS20-RF switch includes a receiver which is wired to the motor controls. PS20 kits are available as either hard-wired (PS20A) or wireless (PS20-RF) complete with receiver and may be installed on doors up to 18 feet wide. View Specifications


  • PS20A kit includes coil cord and hose length: 12 or 18 feet
  • PS20-RF kit includes receiver
Functional Benefits
  • PS20-RF: Wireless feature reduces installation time
  • PS20-RF: Easily replaceable transmitter battery
  • PS20A: Built in wire strain relief
  • Spans distances up to 18 feet
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting for ease of installation
  • Weather resistant enclosure ensures reliability
  • Compact Design: Stores easily on service vehicles
Pneumatic Accessories
  • RAH-375--Pure gum rubber air hose: 3/8” ID, 1/8” wall
  • RAH-500--Pure gum rubber air hose: 1/2” ID, 1/8” wall
  • P-50--End plugs for 3/8” ID and 1/2” ID rubber air hose
  • P-75--End Plugs for 3/4” ID rubber air hose
  • Treadle Switch

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