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Willard Shutter's Screen System

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The EconoSpan® louver and screen system is a continuous, “free-standing” louver product comprised mainly of roll formed louvers that snap firmly onto “double-gripped” stringers or posts installed on pre-determined intervals.

This system is ideal for roof top equipment screening or other applications with large areas requiring concealment and ventilation. It is available in two major styles: Pitched Louver (both 45° and 22-1/2° pitches) and Flat Picket (both horizontal and vertical orientations).

Along with being very attractive, it is also one of the industry’s most affordable systems. Using standard production components, the EconoSpan® system is designed and manufactured as required to be installed on a supporting structure.

This allows the supporting structure to be provided locally, based on local code requirements*, yielding further cost savings. This simple “knock-down” product design allows it to be shipped as a kit in relatively small crates with step by step installation drawings making it convenient, simple and relatively quick for general contractors to install.

EconoSpan® 22.5° Pitched Louver

  • Reinforced, 22-1/2° pitched stringer
  • 30% free air flow
  • Slat pitch direction can be inverted
EconoSpan® 45° Pitched Louver
  • Reinforced, 45° pitched stringer
  • 60% free air flow
  • Slat pitch direction may be inverted
EconoSpan® Flat Picket
  • Vertical or horizontal picket (slat) configurations
  • 15% free air flow
  • Low profile and easily contoured

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