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Xypex is a proud sponsor for the UBC Concrete Toboggan team


This year the team was innovative in being the first team to install an electronic data logging module that recorded the stress that their concrete skis would experience, as well as the acceleration data during cornering, braking, and potentially a collision.

Xypex is a proud sponsor for the UBC Concrete Toboggan team

For their concrete mix, they experimented with seashells as a sustainable large aggregate replacement, as well as implementing rubber tire fibres instead of the typical PET fibres.

Overall they placed 8th out of 19 competing universities and they did very well in the individual design categories. They earned the following placements:

1st in Sustainability
2nd in Concrete Reinforcement Design
2nd in Steering Design
2nd in Innovative Design
2nd Best Theoretical Toboggan
2nd in Technical Reports
2nd in Technical Presentations
3rd in Costumes
3rd in Team Safety
3rd in Concrete Mix Design
4th in Superstructure Design

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