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Xypex Sponsors AIA Continuing Education Courses Online


AEC Daily
Crystalline Waterproofing Technology: Improving Concrete Durability
1 hour course
An overview of how crystalline technology provides a high level of performance to concrete mixtures, materials, and structures improving their durability and lifespan; and, what design professionals need to know to specify and understand how this chemical technology will enhance building projects.

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Hanley Wood University
AIA Course
1 hour course
How Xypex Crystalline Technology can make concrete better for Architects is now available in a new, fully accredited, easy-to-follow online course at Hanley Wood University’s learning center.

To view or take the course:
1. Register at Hanley Wood University.
2. Enter Concrete Waterproofing in the Search Box.
3. Click on course title above the Xypex logo.

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About Xypex Chemical Corporation

Xypex is a non-toxic, chemical treatment for the waterproofing and protection of concrete. Xypex's primary and most distinguishing performance feature is its unique ability to generate a non-soluble crystalline formation deep within the pores and capillary tracts of the concrete - a crystalline structure that permanently seals the concrete against the penetration of water and other liquids from any direction. Xypex crystalline products are dry powder compounds composed of portland cement, silica sand and many active, proprietary chemicals.

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