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About Intelligent & Integrated Secure Access

Intelligent & Integrated Secure Access

Intelligent & Integrated Secure Access

Accuride Integrated Access Solutions offer you tailor-made access control for doors, drawers, and other cabinet-level access. We’ll help you apply cutting-edge access control into your existing alarm, data tracking, and other security systems. Whatever your industry, our team of expert technicians will work with you to make sure your application is secure.

Security Redefined

Our multi-sensor solutions use two-way communication and onboard logic to ensure your application is protected. Where many protection systems, including motorized locks, are loud, devour electricity, and generate much heat, our systems are silent, cool, and energy efficient. 

Secure access for countless industries

AIAS is an Intuitive, Versatile, and Convenient Access Control for Any of the Following Industries:

  • Medical Dispensing
  • Parcel Delivery Service
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Supply Cabinets
  • Data & Server Racks
  • And Much More

Adapted To Your Needs

AIAS Protects Your Contents Thanks to Tailored Features Such As:

  • Access Management
    Access managers can have full authority over which staff have access to what and when.
  • Access Tracking
    AIAS allows managers to identify who accessed what entry and when.
  • Remote Authorization
    Managers can verify and approve access to an entry remotely.
  • Automated Security
    AIAS electronic locks can be programmed to automatically lock upon being closed.
  • Seamless Integration
    AIAS hardware is designed to seamlessly integrate into virtually any application.

Smart Protection

Many other locking systems, like magnetic and solenoid locks, can drain power while still being vulnerable to subversion. Our solutions aren’t. AIAS systems are energy-efficient and engineered to hinder subversion thanks to smart design.

Versatile by design

We’re not just about simply developing access solutions — we’re about making robust solutions tailored to fit your needs. We engineer our access controls to accommodate a wide variety of ancillary systems, such as RFID, biometric, keypad, and retinal scanning.

Built Small. Built Tough.

Whatever the application, our team of expert innovators will engineer an access control solution to fit your design.

  • At 0.50" thin, our e-locks are slimmer and lighter than battery-powered alternatives.
  • Energy efficiency, operating on no more than 50mA per 200mS on 12v.
  • Ideal for mobile applications, such as medical carts and diagnostic machines.
  • Can be adapted for heavy-duty industrial use.

Achieving the highest standards

Accuride has decades of experience working with clients who contend with important industry certifications: FDA, FIPS, FAA, HIPAA, and more. Whatever the challenge, we’ll help you meet it. We’ll help you devise secure access solutions that meet major international technical and industrial standards, including ISO 9001, HIPAA, and CE.

Security redefined

If you need a standalone access control system, look no further than Senseon. Senseon uses RFID technology and modular components deliver secure access to your residential, commercial, and institutional casework and millwork. Easy to install and adaptable to your needs.

50+ Years of first-class innovation

Accuride has a global team of top innovators ready to tackle your project’s challenges. Whatever the challenge, our technical experts have the knowhow to integrate seamless access control into your design. That’s because we’re not just a solutions provider — we’re a solutions partner.

Brochures | 3-Part CSI specifications | CAD details

Brochures for Intelligent & Integrated Secure Access

Brochures for Intelligent & Integrated Secure Access
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Corporate Capabilities Brochure
Experts in Movement Solutions
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Literature downloads and binder requests
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Accuride seamless movement solutions allow you to custom craft long-lasting, operational, and multi-functional environments with a plethora of applications.

3-Part CSI specifications for Intelligent & Integrated Secure Access

3-Part CSI specifications for Intelligent & Integrated Secure Access
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We've compiled all of the useful information and tools you need to make the selection and application of our slides a seamless experience.

CAD details for Intelligent & Integrated Secure Access

CAD details for Intelligent & Integrated Secure Access
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