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About Traffic Safety Marking Paints

3-Part CSI specifications  

Traffic Safety Marking Paints

SOMAY "Stripers Choice" Traffic Safety Marking Paints are used on surfaces of highways, bridges, tunnels, driveways, parking lots, garages, curbs, wheel bumpers (stops), airport runways, taxiways and loading ramps, on the floors of warehouses and manufacturing plants (to mark aisles), on the edges of loading docks and stairways (to mark edges), on playgrounds and tennis courts, etc.

SOMAY's regular Traffic Paint customers tell us SOMAY's Traffic Safety Marking Paints are far more economical than competitive brands. SOMAY's Traffic Safety Marking Paints are manufactured to the same high quality specifications as our architectural and industrial coatings. We do not use "seconds" or "off-color" raw materials. This means that our pigment colors are more stable and longer lasting, and will retain their bright colors with less fading, even in the hot, south Florida sunshine. Our first quality resins will retain their durability and not break down, even when subjected to the extreme south Florida sunshine and temperature.

Likewise our Quality Control Laboratory inspects each batch of paint to make sure that each batch meets the standards which have been set for the particular formula. This ensures a smooth, well-dispersed formulation, so that the traffic paint will flow smoothly through application equipment without clogging, resulting in less down time for equipment servicing. This assures far more consistency, allowing more hours of trouble free operation of traffic marking application equipment, resulting in much more productivity, i.e., more striping done in less time. In addition, a retain sample is kept from each batch of paint manufactured, so we will always be able to check on the quality in each can.

SOMAY Traffic Safety Marking Paints have a high concentration of volume Solids, which results in paint with greater coverage, greater hiding and greater durability.

SOMAY Traffic Safety Marking Paints are made to accept the incorporation of reflective beads.

SOMAY's "Stripers Choice" Traffic Safety Marking Paints have been proven, not only by laboratory tests, but also by stripers' experience, to be far superior in quality, consistency and reliability than other brands.

SOMAY is not a manufacturer of and does not stock thermoplastic road marking materials. However, we are able to obtain them for our customers if desired. Also, we can obtain information on road striping machines and reflective pavement markers, i.e. Cat's Eyes, in white, yellow and red, single or bidirectional, etc.

A very high quality, very durable, alkyd (oil) based, solvent-thinned, Traffic Safety Marking Paint meeting State of Florida Department of Transportation Specification No. 971-12.2 (T-1), White, (Somay Product No. 443); No. 971-12.3 (T-2), Yellow, (Somay Product No. 445); and 971-12.4 (T-3), Black, (Somay Product No. 480). Formulated to withstand the hot tropical climate of Florida on both asphalt and concrete road surfaces.

971-12.2 - White - Somay No. 443-01
971-12.3 - Lead Free Yellow - Somay No. 445-D5
971-12.4 - Black - Somay No. 480-11

An exceptionally high quality, exceptionally durable, rubber based, solvent-thinned, Traffic Safety Marking Paint available in White, Yellow, and Handicapped Blue. For use where the ultimate in durability and long-life is paramount. Since this paint will last longer, it represents a better value for many applications. Should be used when vehicles with hot tires are expected to park on the applied lines, because it is less likely to "patch" from hot tires.

White - Somay No. 467-01
Lead Free Yellow - Somay No. 468-D5

A high quality acrylic latex, water-thinned, Traffic Safety Marking Paint available in White, Yellow, Black, Handicapped Blue and Baby Buggy Green. Provides easier application and clean-up of application equipment. Safer to use in enclosed areas where solvent fumes are to be avoided. Will not soften properly cured (30 days min.) asphalt and therefore can be used with complete confidence that it will not cause bleed-through and discoloration of the newly applied lines.

White - Somay No. 352-01
Lead Free Yellow - Somay No. 315-D5
Black - Somay No. 317-11
Handicapped Blue - Somay No. 319-5M
Baby Buggy Green - Somay No. 319-4S

SOMAY is frequently asked and is delighted to accomodate any customer needing paint manufactured to a particular government specification, such as United States Federal Government Traffic Paint Specifications. The minimum order can be as small as fifty (50) gallons (US) of one specification in one color. For example, we frequently manufacture Traffic Paint for application to airport runways and taxiways for major international airports, such as Miami International Airport and major U.S. Air Force bases, to U.S. Spec. No. TT-P-1952D, Paint, Traffic and Airfield Marking, Waterborne. We have also made traffic paint to U.S. Spec Numbers TT-P-85, TT-P-87, TT-P-110 and TT-P-115 - so feel free to contact SOMAY anytime you need any Traffic Paint made to any government specification.

White - Somay No. 1952-Q1
Lead Free Yellow - Somay No. 1952-Q5

For more information on all of Somay's Traffic Safety Marking Paints, including those made to U. S. Federal Government Specifications, please see Somay's brochure on TRAFFIC SAFETY MARKING PAINTS.

3-Part CSI specifications for Traffic Safety Marking Paints

3-Part CSI specifications for Traffic Safety Marking Paints
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  • House & Wall Paints
  • Enamels
  • Roof Paints
  • Concrete & Floor Coatings
  • Primers & Undercoaters
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