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About Waterproof Decking Systems

Waterproof Decking Systems

Auto Deck
A multi-layered system designed to provide superior positive side waterproofing, concrete substrate protection and aesthetic appeal for light to heavy vehicular traffic applications and helipad operations. These applications require protection from harsh environmental conditions and superior chemical resistance to petroleum based chemicals typical of vehicular traffic and machine/equipment and maintenance environments (e.g., oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid).

Dual Pro 380
Dual membrane system designed to provide maximum waterproofing protection over all occupied spaces. From recreational decks and garden deck rooftops over commercial and institutional facilities to mechanical mezzanines and HVAC areas over multi-use facilities and multi-family residential complexes. Dual Pro 380 provides the ultimate protection. Specifically engineered to transform unused space into functional, serviceable areas. Dual Pro 380 is formulated with an anti-microbial component to reduce the growth of mold or mildew and contribute to a healthy environment.

Mer-Thane 300 Series
High-performance elastomeric urethane systems designed to provide superior protection and aesthetic appeal for heavy usage areas exposed to high volume pedestrian traffic and heavy vehicular traffic loads. These systems are specifically engineered to protect substrates exposed to moisture penetration due to freeze/thaw conditions thermal cycling, high temperatures and elevated humidity levels. Mer-Thane systems are engineered to maintain superior adhesion, flexibility, weatherability, impact and abrasion resistance under tough environmental conditions and heavy use.

Shur Deck
A metal lath reinforced walking deck and flat roof top deck system designed for use over plywood or concrete substrates. This high-performance system provides long-term durability and waterproofing protection using a latex modified polymer mortar to prevent cracking. Using a wide variety of finishing techniques, this seamless, flexible, skid-resistant, crack-resistant, waterproofing foot traffic surface will complement any design

Weather Deck
A pedestrian walking deck system incorporating floating slip-sheet technology designed to isolate the waterproofing membrane and seamless decking from the substrate. This unique system design eliminates the concerns related to reflective cracking and surface imperfections. Designed for use over almost any existing substrate, Weather Deck provides stress relief for thermal expansion and maintains system integrity when exposed to moderate seismic movement or substrate settling. Ideally suited for renovation & reconstruction projects.

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CAD details for Waterproof Decking Systems

CAD details for Waterproof Decking Systems
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