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Dual Pro 380 From Mer-Ko

  Subscribe to FREE newsletter  Apr 17, 2012

Dual membrane system designed to provide maximum waterproofing protection over all occupied spaces.

From recreational decks and garden deck rooftops over commercial and institutional facilities to mechanical mezzanines and HVAC areas over multi-use facilities and multi-family residential complexes. Dual Pro 380 provides the ultimate protection. Specifically engineered to transform unused space into functional, serviceable areas.

Dual Pro 380 is formulated with an anti-microbial component to reduce the growth of mold or mildew and contribute to a healthy environment.

About Mer-Ko Products

Mer-Ko is a leading manufacturer of high-quality elastomeric and cementitious waterproofing deck systems, waterproof membranes, decorative coatings and underlayments. Each system is designed to provide decorative, seamless, long-term protective solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational, and residential facilities. These seamless systems provide long-term protection and endless design possibilities to complement any design or d├ęcor. Versatility and ease of use make Mer-Ko products ideal solutions for new construction, renovation, repair & maintenance, preservation and retro-fit applications.

Mer-Ko understands the value of your investment and proudly offers the most trusted and reliable products on the market. Our pedestrian and vehicular traffic systems provide high-performance wearing surfaces with premium, reinforced waterproofing membranes designed to protect and beautify your facility.

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