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New in Agriboard Industries

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At Agriboard, we deliver custom engineered intelligent buildings that are based upon your designs and are Faster, Safer, more Energy Efficient and Sustainable.

A structural insulated panel used for commercial or residential buildings, Agriboard is made by compressing wheat and rice fiber between planks of oriented strand board (OSB), an engineered wood product formed by layering strands of flakes of wood in specific orientations. The process, although green, is not new. Compressed agricultural fiber (CAF) panels were invented in Sweden in 1935 and later developed into a commercial product in Britain. More than 250,000 buildings have been built using CAF panels.

Peter Protzmann, IDSA, The Samuel Group Architects:

"We consider the Agriboard compressed agricultural fiber panel product a marvelous tool for the design of the structures for many of our projects. It simplifies the structural design and allows the reduction of the number of trades and suppliers on the job. By this simplification we have been able to save weeks from the schedule, freed the plenum space for duct work and electrical/data distribution and deliver a shell that is insulated, air tight and quiet. For us, it simplifies the sometime endless coordination and shop drawing reviews over those of traditional structures.

In high wind load zones and seismic areas the product allows less detailing and calculations to meet the structural demands. Because of the fire rating of the panels, less material and concerns of fire proofing is eliminated. In the interior fit-out, we are able to wall mount furniture and equipment without the necessity of blocking or plywood.

For our clients, whether a single occupant or a multi-tenant building, the long term energy savings and the sustainable material is a huge benefit in tax credit, LEED certification and the speed to market."

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