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Allied Cleanrooms: Today’s Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

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Many pharmaceutical manufacturing and research processes require clean, decontaminated environments in order for these processes to be carried out successfully without contamination occurring for these products. These critical environments, or cleanrooms, differ in size, function, and class when it comes to the types of processes and operations being conducted in the workspace.

Clean rooms can have varying designs that feature their own advantages and disadvantages that can measured in aspects such as efficiency, sustainability, functionality, and energy savings. Better designs offer coved surfaces, seamless surfaces, and smooth component transitions are especially popular for maintaining minimal contamination.

Many owners are pursuing modular clean rooms as opposed to metal stud or drywall due to the system’s flexibility. Pharmaceutical product lines can be added and dropped within a moment’s notice, so workspaces must be quickly configured and reconfigured to meet the changing demands of the market. Also, due to the economy, many companies are focusing less on larger projects and relying on flexible clean rooms to handle smaller-scale projects as they come up so that companies can remain nimble and take advantage of changing market trends.

Today’s cleanrooms are primarily built for function and execution, utilizing special HEPA filter systems and clean room monitoring equipment to maintain minimal contamination levels. Companies are also stressing protective, reusable apparel for employees in order to protect from contamination from outside.

Companies prefer green, sustainable clean room designs, equipment, and apparel to remain true to their environmentally friendly image. Also cleanrooms should be efficient on an energy level to save costs and maintenance. Companies not only want to adopt sustainable practices, but they want to cut costs and emphasize efficiency and functionality in their clean rooms so they can continue to be successful in today’s economy.

About Allied Cleanrooms

Allied Cleanrooms creates custom modular cleanrooms ranging from Class 10 (ISO 4) to Class 100,000 (ISO 8). Our modular construction clean rooms are used for the following: Environmental Test Chambers, Pharmaceutical Storage Rooms, Temperature Controlled Rooms, Bio-Safety Labs, Pharmaceutical Research Labs, Stem Cell Research Labs, Server Rooms, Organic Chemistry Labs, Laser Rooms, Microbiology Labs, Nutraceutical Facilities and Dry Rooms. Additionally, our rooms comply with USP 797 standards and requirements.

We've been building cleanrooms for over 20 years, and we've served host of large clients such as Johnson Controls, Boeing, Atomic Energy, Saint Gobian, GE, Bremo NA, Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory, Jet Propulsion Laboratories. Allied Cleanrooms posses a talented staff of in house designers and engineers that offer limitless design capabilities. We can construct clean rooms to be hard permanent structures or soft, flexible, re-locatable structures depending on your needs.

Allied Cleanrooms offers a turn key solution that starts with building your cleanroom to your exact specifications. If you require an installation of your clean room, but don't want to have to worry about subcontractors, we offer factory trained installers. Our teams of factory trained certified installers endure weeks of rigorous construction and safety training and emerge experts in modular building construction. Installers are also certified forklift drivers and equipment operators.

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