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Using Wipes In Clean Rooms

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Clean rooms are enclosed spaces in which various regulating processes are employed in order to create the conditions for highly sensitive tasks to be carried out. These regulating processes can include HEPA filters, protective clothing, air showers, and rigorous cleaning regimes. The manual cleaning is especially important because it takes care of those particles and other contaminations that have escaped the filters, which in more sensitive contexts, could make a big difference.

Manual cleaning includes a variety of techniques with special materials, such as with wipes. Wipes can be used to clean many surfaces and equipment, and there are sorts of wipes that are more useful and effective than others. Polyester wipes and polyurethane foam make for good wiping materials that won't shed and contribute to contamination levels. These wipes can be combined with disinfectant to physically contain surfaces and remove additional microbes and bacteria that could remain.

These wipes should also be sterile. Dry wipes are useful when using disinfectant spray for easy to reach surfaces, though for hard to reach surfaces or within equipment, it may be a good idea to use impregnated wipes, but either works fine based on the circumstances.

So with such materials as sterile non-shedding wipes and treated mops and brooms, as well as disinfectants, clean rooms can be contaminant free. Filters get most particulates, but then some always settle onto surfaces and equipment, which is where the manual cleaning comes in. With a variety of effective techniques, a clean room can be a contaminant-free environment for sensitive processes.

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