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Best Vertical Cable Railing Kits

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Vertical cable deck railings provide a low-maintenance enclosure for DIY homeowners who want to create a more traditional balustrade look. Decks, stairs, and patios achieve a distinctive appearance that stands out, providing open views. Enjoy the unfurled views of your home’s surroundings with fewer posts than traditional balustrades.

The best vertical cable railing kits provide plenty of versatile options, allowing you to design modern and traditional-looking living spaces. Metal rails can come in a variety of colors to complement the design of a current home.

Qualities of the Best Vertical Cable Railing Kits

Not all vertical cable railings for decks, patios, and stairs are built similarly. When you’re in the market for different kits and hardware, there are a few features you should look into so you can be sure to get the best options for your project. Here are some qualities you should look for in vertical deck cable railing kits.

1. Complete Systems

The best vertical cable railing kits should include all the necessary hardware, from the posts and frames to the infills. This allows you to complete your projects without ordering other parts separately.

Some of the typical vertical system components you will find include the following:
  • Cable panels, which can be packed as pre-assembled units
  • Support rods (made of stainless steel or other metals)
  • Intermediate and end posts
  • Post caps, which can be substituted with lights
  • Fascia or surface mounts
  • Support legs that go in between terminal posts

2. Quality Cables and Fittings

The best vertical cable railing for decks comes with high-quality cables and fittings that last a long time. They feature durable construction and superior corrosion resistance. The industry standard material for cable infills is stainless steel.

3. Versatility

High-quality vertical cable railing kits allow you to work with various materials for your project. Some kits can be configured according to the requirements of your design.

Some suppliers provide hardware with a brushed finish, bold lines, and subtle curves, creating a beautiful modern appeal. You can use them to add a contemporary touch to your premises.

4. Ease of Installation

The best DIY cable railing kits are versatile and have features that make installation easier. It is important to note that vertical cable railing systems have more component parts and are more laborious to install compared to horizontal cable railings. Vertical cable railings have more connections with more hardware to secure each end to the top and bottom panels of the rail system.

5. Pre-Assembled Sections

Pre-assembled panels and sections can help reduce the amount of hardware needed for vertical cable railing systems. DIY homeowners should consider the cost of each kit since vertical railing systems have more components, making them more expensive than horizontal cable railing setups. Choose vertical cable railing kits that have cost-saving features, allowing you to save some money.

Pros and Cons of Vertical Cable Railing Systems

Vertical cable railing systems may be gaining popularity, but DIY homeowners should consider their pros and cons:


  • Unique Look: Vertical cable railings can turn balconies, patios, and other spaces into showpieces, offering a unique look and boosting your property’s curb appeal.
  • Unobstructed View: Cable railings can improve visibility compared to traditional balustrades, offering unobstructed views of the surrounding scenery in one’s home.
  • Durability: Just like horizontal cable railings, vertical systems are also very durable, lasting many years.
  • Modern Appeal: Vertical cable railings can replace old balustrades and create a more modern and clean aesthetic.


  • Cost: As mentioned earlier, vertical systems require more fittings and hardware, making them more expensive than horizontal cable railings.
  • Installation: Installing with a vertical design in mind can be laborious and complex, depending on the design you’re aiming for in your project.
  • Flexibility Issues: A vertical cable rail setup lacks flexibility, especially when you use pre-assembled panels. They can be difficult to install in irregularly shaped spaces. In some situations, you will have to order custom panels, which increases the cost of your project.
  • Additional Support: Vertical cable sections need additional structures such as support balusters, legs, and rods. These extra pieces can make the assembly and design process more complicated and costly.
  • Different Packaging: Suppliers offer different designs and packaging that can be confusing for some homeowners. Some providers offer pre-assembled panels and others can package their systems into boxed sections. In addition, panel configurations can take up more space than expected.

Horizontal Cable Railing Kits: The Better Alternative

If you want a more cost-effective and versatile solution, it is better to install horizontal cable railings instead. Horizontal systems support an open design and effortless installation. Horizontal systems allow for cables to be easily cut, adjusted, and crimped. Further, horizontal cable railing kits are lighter, since they require less hardware. This feature makes them easier to ship.

At Stainless Cable & Railing, our kits come with cables in various lengths from 10 to 1,000 feet. The cables we supply are made of marine-grade stainless steel. The package includes standard field-swage end fittings, which make assembly easier. We offer 1/8 and 3/16-inch thick cables, which can be supplied upon request.

Our full system kits also come with essential fittings that match the material you’re using for your project. Choose from kits that can be secured through wood or metal posts.

At Stainless Cable & Railing, we provide the best DIY cable railing to suit your needs. We supply marine grade 316L stainless steel frames and infills, offering better durability while requiring less maintenance. Further, we also sell wood, stainless steel, and aluminum frames, giving you more design options. You can order cables and fittings separately or as part of a full system kit that includes posts, rails, infill, and other essential hardware.

All our fabrication is done in-house, allowing us to provide better quality control over the production process. In addition, this setup will enable us to accommodate specific client needs by providing custom parts and hardware specific to their project.

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