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CableView Stainless Steel Square Cable Railing


CableView Stainless Steel Square Cable Railing

This line of stainless steel cable railing frame components offers an angular alternative to the Stainless Steel Round product line. These square posts are slightly thinner than our aluminum posts and boast the unmistakable luster of marine grade stainless steel.

For the top rail, we have an incredibly thin rectangular option that's easily our slightest top rail yet! Pair this post and rail option together or swap one out with Stainless Steel Round for a more variable look. These posts also pair particularly well with a wood top rail.

  • Matte 180 grit finish
  • Post Dimensions: 2x2 with 36”, 42”, or custom height
  • Posts can be deck, fascia, or core mounted
  • Compatible with any of our cable and end fittings
  • Multiple post cap connection options between posts and top rail: fixed, articulating, and 90 degree corners either high or low

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