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Calla® PrivAssure™ Ceiling Panels from Armstrong Address Partial Height Wall Construction Trend; Provide Highest Levels of Confidentiality


The need to keep personal and business conversations private from those in adjacent spaces is more important than ever. To help ensure the highest level of confidentiality, especially in spaces with partial height, demountable, or full-height walls with unsealed penetrations, Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions has introduced Calla® PrivAssure™ ceiling panels.

The new panels feature a Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC) of 45-to-50. The CAC indicates the ability of a ceiling to block sound in one space from passing up into the plenum and transmitting back down into an adjacent space that shares the same plenum. The higher the CAC, the better the ceiling acts as a barrier to sound intrusion between spaces. A CAC of 35 or higher is considered high performance.

High sound blocking performance contributes to the sound isolation requirements of the WELL Building Standard™, FGI Guidelines for Healthcare, LEED® v4 and HIPAA. CAC is especially important in applications with walls that do not go to the deck.

Calla® PrivAssure™ Ceiling Panels from Armstrong Address Partial Height Wall Construction Trend; Provide Highest Levels of Confidentiality

Paired Ceiling and Wall Constructions

When paired with interior walls that have a Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 45-to-50, Calla PrivAssure panels provide balanced acoustic design between ceilings and walls to ensure speech privacy. STC indicates the ability of a wall system to block airborne sound transmission between adjacent closed spaces. It is the wall equivalent of ceiling CAC. Calla PrivAssure panels have a smooth, drywall-like visual and are especially well suited for environments in which sensitivity to speech privacy is heightened, such as hospitals, doctor offices, and any spaces where human resource, legal, or financial discussions take place.

Armstrong partners LogiSon® and Price® Industries have products that may further enhance privacy. The installation of a LogiSon sound masking system provides background sound levels needed to cover noise and Price Return Air Canopies reduce noise within the return air plenum. Pre-qualified for fit and finish with Calla PrivAssure panels, the products can help maximize speech privacy, noise control, and occupant comfort.

Sound Blocking and Sound Absorption

Calla PrivAssure ceiling panels are part of the Armstrong® Total Acoustics® portfolio, meaning they offer the ultimate combination of sound blocking and sound absorption in the same panel. The panels have a high Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.75-to0.80 meaning they absorb 75-to-80 percent of the sound that strikes them. Environmentally, Calla PrivAssure panels are part of the Armstrong® Sustain® portfolio and meet the most stringent industry sustainability standards. The panels can also be recycled at the end of their useful life through the Armstrong Ceilings Recycling Program. For additional information on Calla PrivAssure ceiling panels, visit, or call a U.S.-based TechLine expert at 1-800-276-7876 if help is needed.

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