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Checkpoint Booth Uses and Benefits


Checkpoint Booth Uses and Benefits

A border patrol checkpoint is a manned entrance at a border, where travelers and commercial traffic are subject to security checks and/or vehicle inspection. Par-Kut guard booths or security booths can be used in the border patrol entry and exit checkpoints. What are the benefits of border patrol checkpoint booths?

First, the presence of an occupied checkpoint booth serves to enforce the laws regulating traffic across a border, through a checkpoint, or into any restricted area. As an example, at various times during the Covid-19 pandemic, some states set up staffed checkpoint booths to limit non-essential traffic and also to discourage other states’ residents from crossing their borders.

For example, Texas, Delaware, Florida and Rhode Island at one time were stopping drivers with out-of-state license plates and ordering them to quarantine for two weeks, if their plans were to stay in that state. In fact, New York City even set up COVID19 checkpoints to enforce travel bans for visitors from 34 states. Furthermore, having a checkpoint booth with security officers present also helps the apprehension of persons who illegally enter the United States between official ports of entry, including potential terrorists, aliens, and contraband smugglers, thereby deterring or stopping illegal activity.

Second, security personnel at a checkpoint booth can serve out-of-state travelers with information for those traveling into the city about the local rules for people who’ve spent times in other states or “hot spots” during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, security officers at a checkpoint booth or security booth can give useful information to help out-of-state visitors.

Another use for checkpoint booths is that they can be used as temperature screening stations or as a screening booth at any facility with numbers of employees who need to perform daily temperature checks as part of the location’s Covid protocol.

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