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Ecophon Solo Baffles and Clouds from Certainteed Unleash Creative Freedom


When design dreams and structural realities demand an alternative to the standard wall-to-wall suspended ceiling, specifiers can turn to CertainTeed. The leading North American building materials manufacturer recently launched an expanded line of baffles and a simplified line of clouds to address the design and acoustic challenges of large open plenum spaces.

Ecophon Solo Baffles and Clouds from Certainteed Unleash Creative Freedom

Dynamic New BafflesIn order to provide architects and designers with more design freedom and flexibility, CertainTeed has added two exciting new shapes to its existing line of Ecophon Solo rectangular baffles: Wave and Zig Zag. The undulating waves and cutting-edge zig zag patterns provide a unique and dynamic visual for contemporary spaces.

Featuring excellent sound absorption properties, Wave and Zig Zag are prime examples of how designers can create custom visuals through the creative arrangement of standard product sizes and shapes. Ecophon Solo Baffles are available in 16 trending colors and feature lightweight yet resilient construction. New accessories also allow for vertical installation onto walls, enhancing design flexibility.

Not only do these products accommodate existing HVAC ductwork, plumbing and fire protection systems, they provide advanced acoustic management – a key component of creating healthy, balanced environments.

Added Design FlexibilityRecently simplified to include six standard shapes and ten standard sizes, Ecophon Solo Clouds provide architects and designers with a unique offering of colors, shapes and sizes to create unique, design-forward installations. Available in the same 16 trending colors as Ecophon Solo Baffles, the product line includes squares, circles, rectangles, trapezoids and hexagons.

These durable, lightweight high-density fiberglass clouds are easy to handle and install quickly – reducing labor costs and keeping projects on schedule. The robust material ensures even large panel formats resist sagging without requiring extra support.

“Clouds of any shape and color can be installed in layers, on angles and at any depth to create dramatic sculptural installations with superior acoustic control,” says Chris Bourque, Director of Marketing at CertainTeed.. “Design professionals can truly let their creativity take over with these products.”

Additional shapes are available through CertainTeed’s Solo Freedom line. Specifiers can work with their sales representative to determine if a custom option is a possibility for their project.

A Sound SolutionAs commercial spaces have become more open, the use of glass, wood, metal, polished concrete and other acoustically reflective materials have also become more common. These trends have made sound control more important than ever. Research shows precisely placed clouds and baffles can absorb a significant amount of sound with less surface area than suspended ceilings.

“While there are many clouds and baffles on the market, our cohesive line of products delivers unparalleled creative and acoustic control to architects and designers working in modern open spaces,” adds Bourque. “They no longer have to sacrifice aesthetics for acoustic control, or vice versa.”

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