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Eyeleds are high quality solid state lighting systems, creating innovative design options for a wide variety of interior and exterior applications.

The Eyeleds product line offers a unique combination of performance and energy-saving benefits and is designed for easy, plug and play installation.

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Eyeleds International is a business unit of Lighting Science Group Corporation.

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Products from Eyeleds International

Products from Eyeleds International
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Eyeleds® Floorleds is patented, easy to install, built-in walk-over lighting innovation based on LED technology. When the fixtures are installed, the look like eyes, hence the name 'Eyeleds'. Floorleds are one of the first low profile, built-in,... Brochures     URL
Eyeleds® Multi, a single, linkable version of the popular 'Floorleds', floor lighting system, features a built-in depth of just 6,5 mm and offers revolutionary possibilities to be creative with light. The Eyeleds® Multi fixtures come with two 80 cm... Brochures     URL
From now on, those hard to install, energy wasting, recessed can lights, with their heat problems, and short bulb life, are a thing of the past. By introducing the PowerEYE®, Eyeleds® managed to bring the latest PowerLED light engines to market,... Brochures     URL
The DiscEYE is a compact and universally applicable LED luminaire. With a 3W light source, this innovative product is considered a sustainable, energy saving alternative for traditional 10W halogen lighting fixtures. The simple but elegant design... Brochures     URL
The Eyeleds SpaceEYE is an exceptional alternative for traditional 20W halogen lighting. The fixture has a overall height of only 10mm! Low profile construction is achieved with using state of the art LED technology. The SpaceEYE is powered by a 6W... Brochures     URL
The Eyeleds BeamEYE is a compact, high performance surface mount luminaire. The integrated 6W Lamina LED has a light output equivalent to a conventional 20W halogen light. This product comes standard with a 20° lens or optional 45° lens to... Brochures     URL
The MiniBeamEYE is a remarkably compact LED spotlight, ideally suited as accent lighting for paintings, statues or other presentation objects. The energy saving and sustainable LED technology makes the product suited for 24/7 operation. The... Brochures     URL
Driven by RGB lighting technology, the ColorEYE® Color Stop (CS) enables you to create any mood you like. By mixing the primary colours 'Red', 'Green' and 'Blue' - it is possible to create virtually any desired color. A preprogrammed... Brochures     URL
The ColorEYE® Programmable (Pro) is an advanced, dynamic and DMX/EIB compatible solid-state lighting system. The ColorEYE® Pro system utilizes RGB technology, Red, Green and Blue LED’s. The sequencer, a wall mount control unit, is the heart... Brochures     URL
Eyeleds® Outdoor Basic is an outdoor surface lighting solution, driven by energy efficient and long lasting LED technology. One of the first low-profile, permanently installed, recessed residential/commercial LED outdoor surface lighting systems of... Brochures     URL
Eyeleds® Outdoor Pro is installed as a 'Plug & Play System' by means of a high quality IP67 connector plug. The direct burial rated PUR cabling is resistant against UV light. The 12V system is powered by intelligent, short-circuit protected,... Brochures     URL
With specifications that are truly innovative and extreme in outdoor LED lighting, the 'robuste' Eyeleds® Outdoor Extreme is the ideal product to use in busy traffic areas. Both landscaping and city beautification projects were highlighted... Brochures     URL

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News archive:
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LSGC realizes lighting for Club Devo (Nov 13, 2009)
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Join Eyeleds/Lighting Science at the LightFair ‘09 Tradeshow and Conference, NY USA (Apr 21, 2009)
Eyeleds® Launches a New Line of Task & Accent Lighting (Mar 30, 2009)
LSGC and ACO group launch LED-enabled drainage system (Jan 31, 2009)
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Eyeleds at IIDEX/NeoCon Canada 2008 (Sep 02, 2008)
Eyeleds at leading NeoCon World's Trade Show 2008-Chicago (Jun 03, 2008)

(09445) Terrazzo Accessories
(16524) Stair & Walkway Lighting
(16527) Navigation Lighting
(16530) Emergency Lighting
(16551) Theater & Entertainment Lighting
(16556) Underwater Lighting
(16586) Lenses, Louvers, Reflectors & Accessories
(12 40 00) Furnishings and Accessories
(12 90 00) Other Furnishings
(26 50 00) Lighting
(26 51 00) Interior Lighting
(26 52 00) Emergency Lighting
(26 55 00) Special Purpose Lighting
(26 55 23) Outline Lighting
(26 55 29) Underwater Lighting
  (26 55 53) Security Lighting
(26 55 59) Display Lighting
(26 55 61) Theatrical Lighting
(26 55 63) Detention Lighting
(26 55 70) Healthcare Lighting
(26 56 00) Exterior Lighting
(26 56 16) Parking Lighting
(26 56 19) Roadway Lighting
(26 56 23) Area Lighting
(26 56 26) Landscape Lighting
(26 56 29) Site Lighting
(26 56 33) Walkway Lighting
(26 56 36) Flood Lighting
(26 56 68) Exterior Athletic Lighting

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